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Assignment Detail:- MKT310 Integrated Marketing Communications - Charles Sturt University Company - starbucks Learning outcome 1: be able to evaluate the role of marketing communications in the overall marketing strategy- Learning outcome 2: be able to identify and evaluate communication tools and make recommendations for their use in integrated marketing communication strategies- Learning outcome 3: be able to analyse and apply theoretical concepts underlying integrated marketing communications programs- Learning outcome 4: be able to examine and appraise the impact of contemporary societal and market trends underlying integrated marketing communications strategies- Learning outcome 5: be able to communicate clearly and effectively in oral and written work- Assessment - Integrated Marketing Communications Report TASK Your task is to write a 12-month integrated marketing communication plan -IMC- - in report format - to promote your organisation/brand -same as previous three assessments-- The plan needs to contain background information, market information, a brief overview of your creative strategy, the media strategy, the proposed budget and conclusions and recommendations- This is an academic report that follows a specific format as outlined below- Within your report, you must support your ideas with relevant theory from the textbook and current/credible academic sources -use the references from A2 + additional research-- That is, your analysis/ arguments must be supported with academic references- Each section of the plan needs to include relevant definitions and descriptions of the key theoretical points- You need to apply the theory to each element of the IMC plan in order to justify the choices you have made in compiling the plan- This will require you to research contemporary societal and market trends that may form the basis of your IMC strategy- You will also need to include details of both the primary as well as any secondary market/ industry data- Creative and media strategies must be supported by a rationale based on theory- Conclusion and recommendations sections should not contain theory, but be an overview of your plan- The report needs to contain the following information:Executive Summary -not part of word count-Present a detailed overview of the communication strategy stating purpose, methodology used, findings and recommendations- Dot points should be used for findings and recommendations- This is NOT an Introduction-Background of market and brand -~800 words- Provide a brief overview of:The organization -no more than ½ page-Marketing objectives -what you want your campaign to achieve-Describe and explain your target market -there can be more than one target segment-Creative Strategy -~500 words-A brief overview indicating which type of creative strategy you will use -e-g- unique selling proposition, emotional, pre-emptive- for your target market -images, mock ups etc---Media strategy -~650 words-Strategic promotion tools mix -i-e- advertising, sales promotion, PR, personal selling, direct marketing-Type of media -i-e- Broadcast, print, interactive, out-of-home- Type of schedule -i-e- Continuous, flighting, pulsing- Flowchart -an overview of your plan-Reach goal -how many - just an educated estimate given the media choice- Frequency goal -how often-Timing goal -when-Media budget -~250 words-There is no set budget for this task and you do not need to research costings for your campaign- However, it is important to understand and for you to demonstrate your understanding of the importance of budgeting-Define, describe and evaluate budget in this section and link to your marketing objectives stated above- Include a discussion on which budgeting method is used and why-Conclusion and Recommendations -~500 words-This section sums up your whole plan- The key aspects of your IMC plan should be reiterated here- Be certain that your recommendations are relevant and realistic- Attachment:- Integrated Marketing Communications-rar

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