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Assignment Detail:- MKG302 Marketing Consulting Project - Torrens University Australia Project Phase Learning Outcome 1: Identify the most important parts of a business problem/opportunity and apply a range of problem solving skills Learning Outcome 2: Collaborate with multiple stakeholders on a significant project managing it to completion Learning Outcome 3: Develop high levels of Client orientation and professionalism Learning Outcome 4: Reflect on the entire consultancy experience Assessment Part Assessment 1 is in two parts- Part A: In the Group Discussion Board you will outline your personal contribution and the activities you will lead- What are your individual inputs and how will you be working in collaboration with your team- You should highlight your strengths and how leadership and collaboration can help you to succeed in this consultation process- Part B: This is a consultation proposal, which is the research phase of the consulting project- It is called the Research Report- The findings from your research report will form the basis from which you will undertake Assessment 2- Before attempting to develop Recommendations -Assessment 2-, it is essential to fully understand the situation- Instructions The assessment requires you to consider multiple perspectives, engaging and collaborating with others in creative ways- This is a group task that requires you to apply your professional competence in a team environment- Regularly post your comments -identifying your specific contributions/roles to the project- in the discussion board for your specific group- Your lecturer will be checking your comments to see if you are engaged, showing leadership, encouraging your team and taking specific responsibilities- You are required for Part A to:• Specifically outline your proposed contributions/roles to the project including sources of data and theory -which websites, industry information and theoretical frameworks you will be researching and analysing- This is to be posted in the discussion board for your specific group• Be clear about your personal involvement You are required for Part B to:• Provide a professionally structured, written and presented document• Clearly state your understanding of the Client's needs• Clearly define the project details and scope• Provide relevant organizational information utilizing established research theory and frameworks• Provide relevant industry information, utilizing established research theory and frameworks• Refer where appropriate to the coming Final Recommendation Report -clearly establish the document is part of a two-phase project-According to Alan Weiss in his book Million Dollars Consulting, he suggested the following structure for a consultation proposal: 1- Background analysis- This section allows you to understand what is happening in relation to the market of the client you are providing this consultation for- Only include information that is relevant to their product or service- You should present good insights of the current market situation including target market -position in the global market-, emerging trends in this industry, competitors overview, distribution channel, price variations, promotions strategies- Furthermore, you could articulate this analysis by using any of the marketing tools you have learnt such as PESTLE analysis, 8ps of marketing, Porter's five forces analysis and social listening- 2- Situation appraisal- Analyse the situation with a clear understanding of why the purpose for this consultation- Furthermore, you need to ensure a clear understanding of the client's needs- This should be the result of your analysis of your client needs, understand the organization, stakeholders, marketing strategies used and anything you considered as the consultant- 3- Goals and objectives of the project- These are the consultation outcomes and it is your role as consultants to improve the client condition- Objectives are to be SMART -specific, measurables, achievable, realistic and timely-- You have to consider the timeframe you are doing this subject, in order to achieve this objective- Further to this, a budget should be considered- 4- Measures of success or metrics- Each objective requires at least one metric- 5- Value statement- You are required to highlight the value or impact of meeting the objectives of this consultation process- You require 4 to six objectives for your project, at least one metric for each objective, and, at least three value statements for each objective- 6- Methodology and options- In this section, you describe the research design for this consultation- You should point out a brief description of the different activities to achieve your objectives, type of research, data gathering, selection of samples, business information and resources required- 7- Schedule of your consultation process- 8- Responsibilities- Highlight responsibilities of your client and you as consultants, consider including confidential agreements to protect the Intellectual property -IP- of your client and information, request to certain information and frequency of meetings- 9- Theoretical framework- You are required from the beginning of this process, to do a preliminary research and use qualitative and quantitative data to support your claims- First, you choose concepts, theories, and models from marketing to support this consultation, previous case studies- Those key terms come from your situational appraisal, objectives, metrics and value statements- Apart from discussing the theories and ideas, this section should reflect how the use of this information can contribute to your project- ReferencingIt is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research- Attachment:- Marketing Consulting Project-rar

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