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Assignment Detail:- MITS5507 - Business Process Management - Victorian Institute of Technology Event Process Chain Diagram Objectives EPC diagram, abbreviation for event-driven process chain diagram, is a flowchart based diagram that can be used for resource planning and identifying possible improvements of a business process- Businesses use event-driven process chain diagrams to lay out business process workflows, originally in conjunction with SAP R/3 modeling, but now more widely it is used by many companies for modeling, analyzing, and redesigning business processes- Case Study - Geelong University Library INSTRUCTIONS In this assignment you will use Signavio, to prepare an EPC diagram for the Case Study below- Make sure to identify the organizational units and actors relevant to the case study and indicate on the EPC diagram the actor that is responsible for each task in the process- Attachment:- Business Process Management-rar Rated 4.8 / 5 based on 22789 reviews.

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