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Assignment Detail:- MIS608 Agile Project Management - Torrens University Australia Assessment - Research Report on Agile Learning Outcome 1: Undertake research to demonstrate an understanding of Agile concepts, tools and techniques Part Summary"The Philosopher's product is his life" - Friedrich Nietzsche Manifestos communicate beliefs, aims, intentions and views - they are a philosophy rather than a method- The Agile Manifesto is the philosophy from which Agile methods and frameworks have emerged- This assessment is about ensuring that we understand the thinking or the ‘what' of Agile in preparation for learning the methods, practices, tools, and techniques associated with the ‘how' of Agile- You will be required to prepare a report covering the following concepts and areas of knowledge: 1- VUCA2- The Agile Manifesto3- The Case for Agile4- Agile vs- Waterfall5- A Comparison of Scrum and Kanban6- The influence of Lean on the Agile philosophy and practices ContextBecause careers in the world of Information Systems require being able to ‘do', we focus on techniques which engender capability building- Agile is a complex and multi-facetted discipline- Because we are preparing you for professional practice in your future workplace - the assessment pathway takes a laddered approach to your learning to embed theoretical knowledge through active practice:1- Assessment 1 - Prepare - Understand theoretical foundations of Agile-2- Assessment 2 - Reflect - Develop your Agile Mindset and capability to work in an Agile team-3- Assessment 3 - Perform - An authentic assessment where you will apply the knowledge and skills you progressively develop in the subject to a business problem using Agile Project Management- Part Instructions: Your report will require 6 boxes, each one devoted to covering a specific knowledge area- There is no requirement for an introduction of conclusion using this method - your word count can be better used in the boxes: 1- Box 1 - VUCA-To answer this question, you will need to read this article: Baran, B- E-, & Woznyj, H- M- -2021-- Managing VUCA- Organizational Dynamics, 50-2-, 100787-100787- which can be accessed via the Torrens online librarya- Which dimension of VUCA does Agility best address???? Back your position with reasoning and evidence-b- Obstacles to Agility - select one of the six obstacles to Agility described in this article and explain how a specific agility enhancing practice can address your selected obstacle- Refer to specific Agile principles as they appear in the Agile Manifesto which help to achieve the agility enhancing practices-c- Review Table 2- A leader's checklist for enhancing agility - select one activity from each category and explain what Agile ceremony, artefact or role it aligns with and why you say this-None of these answers are ‘one word' answers - we expect to see an explanation and reasoning backed by evidence as to why you have made your specific selection- 2- Box 2 - Authors of the Agile Manifesto-a- Share a diagram which is a high-level representation of the Scrum framework-b- To which author/s of the Agile Manifesto is this Scrum methodology aligned????c- Describe the Scrum framework in detail, explaining the three roles, four ceremonies and two major artefacts-d- What do you believe the Scrum framework is best suited???? Explain why you say this and back your argument with evidence- 3- Box 3 - Agile vs Waterfall-To answer this question, you will need to read this blog post: Strong, C- -2014-- Converting A Criminal Justice Program From Waterfall to Agile- -Blog post--a- Of the three motivations to ‘go Agile' which motivation was most closely aligned to the major benefits that could be expected of Agile of ‘going Agile' and which was the least - why do you take this position and what evidence can you draw from the principles of the Agile Manifesto that help you to back your argument????b- Look to the section on Non-Agile Governance - why do you think that the requirement to comply with PMBOK standards may have presented a challenge to going Agile???? Do you think the approach that the team took was the best approach - why do you say this????c- From the lessons learned - what was the position regarding adopting Scrum???? Why do think this was the case and back your argument with evidence- 4- Box 4 - The Case for Agile-Several cases and examples have been included in the essential resources for this subject which illustrate how Agile can be beneficial for projects- Select one of these cases - either the Cutter Consortium case or the No Sneezium/Cold Riddance case - ensuring that you clearly identify the case to which you are referring in your response with appropriate referencing techniques- Consider the ‘triple constraint' of Project Management, also known as the ‘Iron Triangle' - this reading will help you - Measey, P- -2015-- Agile foundations : Principles, practices and frameworks- BCS Learning & Development Limited- a- How does the Waterfall implementation of the Iron Triangle differ from the Agile Implementation of the Iron Triangle????b- What is the specific impact on quality???? Include specific figures to back your position and explain why you believe this quality outcome was achieved-c- Why do you believe this change has this effect???? 5- Box 5 - Scrum and Kanban-a- Kanban and Scrum are compatible Agile techniques which have both similarities and differences- Review your readings on Scrum and Kanban and explain how you can combine and use both methods together to improve the outcomes of your group project- Make specific reference to tools and techniques and how they will help the team to achieve their goals- 6- Box 6 - The Influence of Lean on Agile philosophy and practice-Muda, Mura & Muri are a very well-known Lean philosophy which originated in Lean manufacturing-a- Explain what each of these three terms refers to and give a real-life example from your life for each-b- Looking at MUDA - which Agile principle from the Agile Manifesto would combat MUDA and explain why you say this-c- Looking at MURA - which Agile principle from the Agile Manifesto would combat MURA and explain why you say this-d- Looking at MURI - which Agile principle from the Agile Manifesto would combat MURI and explain why you say this- Attachment:- Agile Project Management-rar

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