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Assignment Detail:- MIS608 Agile Project Management - Laureate International Universities Agile Case Study Report Learning Outcome 1: Undertake research to demonstrate an understanding of Agile concepts, tools and techniques- Learning Outcome 2: Discuss and demonstrate core concepts of agile methodology within a context of a business case study- Learning Outcome 3: Communicate the benefits of an agile PM plan in the context of a business case to demonstrate a response to a complex business need while aligning strategies to business priorities defined by changing business requirements- Learning Outcome 4: Reflect on the Agile process and the influence on the individual's professional development within the method used in this subject with particular emphasis on Agile roles within teams- Learning Outcome 5: Develop and communicate a collaborative strategy which embodies the principles of agile methodology to stakeholders of an organisation- Part Summary In this group project, you will need to form a team of 5-6 students- Your team will be required to produce a 2500 word report for your case organisation- Your team are Agile domain specialists and you are required to produce a report for the company to help them undertake an Agile transformation within an area of their business- You will need to cover the following knowledge areas in accordance with the requirements of the case study to demonstrate that you are able to apply your theoretical understanding of the concepts to an authentic case study- The concepts are listed in no order, and it is up to the team to decide which order they should be addressed in the report to best convey the required response to your client:1- Product Vison and Roadmap2- Release planning and cadence3- Agile requirements4- Lean Startup tools used in Agile5- Agile estimating and planning6- Agile ceremonies7- Agile velocity8- Scaling agileAs part of the project the group will select to either use Kanban/Scrum as an Agile project management practice and are required to attach a snapshot of either their Scrum boards or Kanban each week at the conclusion of each weekly Sprint in the appendices of the report, making clear which practice was a selected and why- ContextAgile teams and agile ways of working are becoming more prevalent in workplaces and it is likely that you will be a part of an agile team in your career- However, agile is very different from the more traditional ‘waterfall' project management practice- This assessment will ensure that you are well-versed in the philosophies and practice associated with Agile so that you have sufficient knowledge to join and agile team or implement agile practices in your future career- Part Instructions STEP 1 - Week 2 - Team Formation and Registration• Form teams of 5-6 members-• The deadline for team registration is 11:45pm AEST Friday end of Module 1-1 -Week 2--• To register your team, you are required to send your Learning Facilitator an email with "MIS608 Team Registration" in the subject line- It is vital that you cc all of your team members in on this email-In the body of that email, please list the names and student ID numbers of all the members of your team-• You are required to send the registration email to your facilitator before the registration deadline-• After the registration deadline, those students who are not in a team will be allocated to a team by the Learning Facilitator-STEP 2 - Week 3 - Team Contract - • Please read the attached MIS608_Assessment _Team Contract-• Each team is required to complete their team contract as by the end of Module 2-1 -Week 3- Scrum or Kanban Boards • Each group is required to complete Scrum or Kanban boards as part of learning activities from Module 3-1 -Week 5- up to and including Module 5-2 -Week 10--• This will need to be included in the appendices of the assessment as evidence of practice- If these are not included the team work component of the grade will be forfeited- Final Group Report Please write a 2500 words group report following the structure outlined below: Title pageA cover page will be required which must include the following information:a- Subject Codeb- Subject namec- Assessment numberd- Assessment titlee- Class CRNf- Learning Facilitator's nameg- Student namesh- Student numbers -‘A' number- Executive summary: While this report is brief - it will require an Executive Summary, which does not form part of the overall word count- Introduction -300-350 words-: will also serve as your statement of purpose for the report- This means that you will tell the reader what you are going to cover in your report- You will need to inform the reader of:a- Your area of research and its contextb- The key concepts you will be addressing,c- What the reader can expect to find in the body of the report Body of the report -1800 - 2000 words-: will need to respond to the specific requirements of the case study- The areas you will be required to cover are:1- A Product Vison and Roadmap2- Release planning and cadence3- Agile requirements4- Lean Startup tools used in Agile5- Agile estimating and planning6- Agile ceremonies7- Agile velocity8- Scaling agile The conclusion -300-350 words-: will summarise any findings or recommendations that the report puts forward regarding the concepts covered in the report- Attachment:- Agile Project Management-rar
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