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Assignment Detail:- MIS604 Requirements Engineering - Laureate International Universities Assessment - Requirements Elicitation Report Learning Outcome 1: Demonstrate methods for eliciting, analysing, documenting, and maintaining requirements in an organisational context- Learning Outcome 2: Synthesise key principles of requirements management and communicate to stakeholders in order to solve problems- Part SummaryThis Assessment requires you to respond to a case study- The same case study will be used for all three assessments so that you can develop insights into the different facets of Requirements Engineering-For this assessment, you are required to produce an individual report of 1500 words -+/-10%- detailing a requirements elicitation plan for the case organisation- The report should contain the following:1- A Stakeholder Engagement Plan detailing:a- Stakeholder listb- Areas of influence and Power mapped on a Power/Interest Gridc- Definitions of the stakeholder's power and interest- 2- An Elicitation Activity Plan detailing:a- Four elicitation methodsb- An explanation of each method and why it has been selectedc- A tailored and customised example of the information gathering tool you will use for each methodd- Which stakeholders will be engaged for the elicitation activity and why???? ContextBusiness Analysts work with organisations to improve organisational processes and systems- One of the most important parts of a Business Analysts job is to elicit requirements from stakeholders so that there is a clear understanding of what will be required from the new system- This requires a Business Analyst to understand who their stakeholders are, how to engage with them and which elicitation methods to use- This assessment aims to develop your knowledge and skills in this area and to lay down the foundation of knowledge for your future professional practice- Part Instructions1- Please read the attached MIS604_Assessment_Case Study- 2- Write a 1500 words -+/-10%- requirements elicitation plan for the case organisation- 3- Review your subject notes to establish the relevant area of investigation that applies to the case- Re- read any relevant readings for module 1 and 2 for this subject- Perform additional research and investigation and select five additional sources in the area of elicitation methods to add depth to your explanation of method selection- 4- Plan how you will structure your ideas for your report and write a report plan before you start writing- The report does not require an executive summary or abstract- 5- Please structure the report as follows:A professional custom title page with the subject code and subject name, assignment title, student's name, student number and lecturer's nameAn introduction -100-150 words- which will also serve as your statement of purpose for the report- This means that you will tell the reader what you are going to cover in your report- You will need to inform the reader of:• The key concepts you will be addressing,• What the reader can expect to find in the body of the reportThe body of the report -1200-1300 words- will need to cover two specific areas:• A Stakeholder Engagement Plan including:i- Stakeholder listii- A Power/Interest Gridiii- Definitions of each stakeholder's power and interest• An Elicitation Activity Plan-i- Four elicitation methodsii- An explanation of each method and why it has been selectediii- A tailored and customised example of the information gathering tool you will use for each methodiv- Which stakeholders will be engaged for the elicitation activity and why???? The conclusion -100-150 words- will summarise any findings or recommendations that the report puts forward regarding the concepts covered in the report- 6- The report should use font Arial or Calibri 11 point, should be line spaced at 1-5 for ease of reading and page numbers on the bottom of each page- If diagrams or tables are used, due attention should be given to pagination to avoid loss of meaning and continuity by unnecessarily splitting information over two pages- Diagrams must carry the appropriate captioning- 7- You are strongly advised to read the rubric which is an evaluation guide with criteria for grading the assignment- This will give you a clear picture of what a successful report looks like- ReferencingThere are requirements for referencing this report using APA referencing style Attachment:- Requirements Engineering-rar
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