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Assignment Detail:- MHC402 Mental Health in Context - Torrens University Australia Reflection: An understanding of the continuum of mental health in social contexts- Learning Outcome 1: Understand and apply a ‘person first' perspective to analyse and problem solve issues and challenges associated with mental health across the lifespan- Learning Outcome 2: Analyse mental health conditions and mental wellbeing issues in a range of educational and social contexts from a ‘person first perspective-' Learning Outcome 3: Demonstrate independent research skills drawing on a diverse range of relevant sources and demonstrate communication skills for professional and academic audiences- Context: This assessment is prescribed for you to advance your analytic skills and your knowledge and understanding of mental wellbeing along a continuum- This assessment asks you to identify and reflect upon the views of mental wellbeing in social contexts and applying the person first approach- This assessment prepares you to apply the person first perspective of mental health, whilst understanding challenges and aspirations in a social context- Instructions: Step 1: You are required to review and reflect upon your personal responses to the materials and tasks from module one and module two- Step 2: With your developing understanding of the continuum of mental health wellbeing and awareness of social contexts, explore other views within the community- Select a person -eg- family member, colleague, neighbour, friend- preferably from another generation to yourself to respond to the resource below regarding social contexts and understanding of mental wellbeing- Step 3: Anecdotally record the initial responses received from individuals hearing the subject matter of this article- Sick days for mental health: CEO's reply to employee email goes viral- Step 4: Draw together the respondent-s- views of mental wellbeing in social contexts- Step 5: Present your reflection as a commentary of your responses with your own understandings of mental health wellbeing- Present your view, from a ‘person first' perspective of the levels of support and/or complications that exist for individuals living with a mental health condition- You are encouraged to research further to support your views- Attachment:- Mental Health in Context-rar Attachment:- Modules Continuum-rar

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