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Assignment Detail:- MGW2230 Organisational behaviour - Monash University Assessment Please read the following instructions- Details of Part: "Mental health is the "foundation of wellbeing and effective functioning for both the individual and the community" -read: team or organization- -WHO, 2005- and is central to human behaviour across all domains, including the workplace- Organizational performance is a compound concept that re????ects the function and outputs of an organization, from its pro????tability and productivity to its competitive advantage- By de????nition, an organization's output depends on how effectively it functions, including how effectively its people, or human capital, functions -Neely, 2005-- This means that mental health and organizational performance are inherently interconnected -Peccei & Van de Voorde, 2016-" Drawing from the topics such as stress, emotions/moods, and attitude and behaviours that you have learned in the class, 1- Critically evaluate the mental well-being of employees- 2- How do mental wellbeing issues in????uence employees' emotions/ moods, employees' attitudes, and behaviours in organizations????Hint to get higher marks : compare Japanese and Malaysian employees's mental welbeing issues in????uence emotions / moods to evaluate high-quality examples- 3- Identify effective solutions to overcome the mental wellbeing problems in organizations- -Total word limit: 1,600 words; +/- 10%- Type of paper: Essay Important notes to consider in writing this assignment: • You can use a third-person writing style for this assignment-• The task should include the characteristics of a successful writing essay as outlined in Section 5-2 -Writing Essays- of the Q Manual 6th Edition-• You MUST use at least 6 academic journal articles and they can be sourced from library databases- Putting more conceptual de????nitions to ful????l a minimum number of journal articles does not show a good quality of essay writing- Good quality of an essay should include conceptual de????nitions and paraphrasing of the journal articles with in-text citations- Include the in-text citations in the references- Attachment:- Organisational behaviour-rar

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