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Assignment Detail:- Decision Style Analysis Reflective report Learning Outcome 1: Select and evaluate the usefulness of a range of decision making tools and reflect on your decision-making styles and contrast with other styles to determine the respective levels of rationality and intuition utilised Learning Outcome 2: Compare, contrast and critically evaluate sources of data as influences for decision-making in a range of business contexts Context:Fast changing workplaces call for greater flexibility in the ways individuals and work teams make and implement decisions- Alongside the increasing rate of change are the demands for better decision making through understanding and mitigating personal preferences and biases- This assessment has been designed to:- Appraise your ability to research academic literature on decision making- You are expected to utilise the literature provided in Modules 1 and 2 as a foundation that guides your further academic research-- Select and evaluate the usefulness of a range of decision-making tools and reflect on levels of rationality and intuition utilised during the decision-making process-- Compare, contrast and critically evaluate sources of data as influences in the decision-making context- Identify the relevant sources of influence and limitations in your decision-decision making process This assessment draws on learning activities and resources from Modules 1 and 2- It is designed for you to engage in the decision-making process and then reflectively analyse your decision-making process using only theories and concepts from the Business Decision Analytics course -MGT602-- You should include in your reflective report:- The decision-making problem detailed by your learning facilitator- Analysis of your decision-making preferences -see activity Module 1-- Analysis and influence of your personality traits and the impact on your decision-making- Details of the sources of data collected during the decision-making process and how this data was evaluated/analysed- Analysis of the decision-making process using any of the models discussed in Modules 1 and 2 plus any of your further relevant readings- Analysis of written feedback from at least 2 other people on your decision-making process in the topic nominated by your Learning Facilitator- Visual interpretation of data / trends/ patterns- As a reflective analysis you will present your analysis in the first person- 1- Introduction: 100 words maximum- The introduction will present the reader with a clear and concise understanding of the following: 1- What is the submission about; 2- What theories will be used; 3 Your concise conclusion; and 4 The structure of the submission 2- Analysis and evaluation: 1300 words maximum- In this section you will analyse and evaluate your decision-making process using selected theories and concepts from the various Modules offered in Blackboard for this subject- You must include any blind spots or biases that you have identified in making this evaluative decision based on your research and formal feedback from others- 3- Conclusion: 100 words maximum- In this section you will provide a concise summation of your analysis and conclusion-s-- 4- References: A minimum of 4 academic references are required from seminal sources and books- Referencing must be APA style Attachment:- Business Decision Analytics-rar

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