MGT101 – Fundamentals of Management - contemporary

Topic: Contemporary Organisational Structure/Designs and Effectiveness

The table below shows a list of 4 contemporary organisational designs that are being used by various global organisation to compete in a fast-pace changing digital economy.


Your task is to choose one of the structure above and refer it to a well-known MNC (preferably an Australian one) that is using the said structure in their organisation. Provide an organisational chart of the company you have chosen detailing where the above design is used within the organization. You must provide an analysis into why this particular structure is important to the company growth, how effective and which parts of the organisation is the company utilising this structure to compete in the global environment. In your analysis you should also provide insight into any disadvantages that the structure might cause to the company's ability to compete in their particular industry/business. Provide suggestions on changes that might be implemented to overcome such disadvantages.

In your discussion, you need to ensure that:

a) Use specific and real-life examples related to the company you are analysing
b) Make at least 5 literature reference related to the company you have chosen
c) Your essay should be 2000 words +/- 5%


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