MGMT6019 - Engineering Risk Management - examine key issues

Engineering Risk Management - Disaster Plan Analysis Report


- Identify and analyse risk (financial, legal, environmental, HR);
- Create a plan for measuring and monitoring performance;
- Describe the process used to analyse strategic issues;
How the Assessment fits into the subject/course:

The context of the subject is engineering; however the content is applicable across a range of other contexts and is relevant to industry. The assessment focus is on risk management, risk assessment and risk mitigation plans.
Assessment Linkages of Assessment 1 and Assessment 2:
Assessment is used to inform and build knowledge for Assessment 2 allowing students to examine concepts and in detail throughout the delivery of the subject.

Part 1

Students are to submit a disaster plan analysis report comprising of 1500 words focusing on the principles of risk management. Students are encouraged to utilise a range of resources in the report including relevant multi-media where appropriate, graphs, charts, etc. Ensure an evidence based approach is taken into the analysis drawing on theoretical frameworks from the research and literature, and from recent news accounts of the disaster.

- Identification and analysis of risk (financial, legal, environmental, HR)
- Plan for measuring and monitoring performance
- Clear description of the process used to analyse strategic issues
- Understanding of research principles and methods applicable to MBA
- High level of personal autonomy and accountability

Learning Outcomes

- Critically examine key issues which have a significant impact on risks associated with engineering activities including safety and environmental management systems.
- Effectively employ identification and risk management tools to propose and analyse realistic risk scenarios and develop risk management strategies.
- Critically analyse the usefulness, applicability and limitations of risk assessment as a decision-making tool.
- Critically analyse risk perception and risk communication and effectively develop risk communication plans and skills.

Attachment:- Assignment.rar


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