MGM3107 Strategic Management in Tourism and Hospitality -

Strategic Management in Tourism and Hospitality Assignment - Case Study Presentations on Pullman Quay - Grand Sydney

For this assignment, students are required to demonstrate their ability to identify and evaluate resources, capabilities, competencies and the competitive advantage of a business/ organisation, with minimal supervision. Suggested frameworks for the presentation:

1. Positioning Map. Using a positioning map, students will identify and map the relative positions of the key competitors. - Websites [STRATEGIC POSITIONING - COMPETITORS]

2. A very brief overview of the firm and its product or brand, (Hotel Website) [IMPORTANCE OF STRATEGY FOR A BUSINESS]

a. Give the audience an idea of what your business is, including the current market situation and how the present economic environment affects the organisation - Company Website/Annual Report [SWOT ANALYSIS AND BUSINESS STRATEGY | PESTLE ANALYSIS AND BUSINESS STRATEGY | ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT AND BUSINESS STRATEGY]

b. Describe the product, service and the target market. - Company Website/Annual Report.

3. Vision, Mission Statement & Goals. Does the organisation/brand have a clear Vision and Mission Statement? How do these statements relate to the nature of their business? - Annual Report/Website [STRATEGIC DIRECTION AND BUSINESS IMPORTANCE]

4. Unique differentiating features. Highlight the unique features of your products/services, particularly what is going to make them stand out above the rest. - Website/ - Customer Review MOVE/START FROM HERE - [UNIQUE STRATEGY FOR BUSINESS SUCCESS]

5. Competitive analysis. Using the Positioning Map, evaluate the competitive threats of three competitors by comparing their products and services. [COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS AND BUSINESS STRATEGY] - customer and company offer. (CATEGORY - 4.0+ and 300 dollars +)

Note - For this Assignment, chosen Pullman Quay- Grand Sydney harbor. And have 3 choose already 3 competitors.

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