Marketing manager of an established Bicycle company. The

Assignment Detail:- Lab Scenario You are the new marketing manager of an established Bicycle company- The company sells bicycles and accessories, such as clothing and other accessories to bikers in six countries- The company has just hired Lucy as its new Sales manager- You are tasked to introduce Lucy to the company, its product portfolio and its sales performance since 2011- To do this, you have asked Jack, the IT manager to prepare some data for you- Now, it's your job to present this data in a compelling manner-What You'll Need • A computer with Microsoft Excel installed on it- We prefer Excel 2016, but you can still complete the lab using Excel 2013 or Excel 2010-• File Lab1Start v5-xlsx- Download the lab file Lab1Start v5-xlsx to answer the questions below- The first thing you'd like to do is to present the data graphically- You do this by creating charts for the three groups of data you received from Jack, your IT manager- Give each chart a descriptive title as shown in the three charts below- If you need a refresher on creating charts in Excel, review this Microsoft Office Support article: Create a chart from start to finishYour first solution should look like this -numbers may not be the same--Once you have created the three charts above, let's customise them a little bit more- For the Yearly Category Revenue chart, display the total revenue for each year as a separate line- 1- Create a Total Revenue line in the range C7 to H7 by summing the annual revenue in rows 3 through 6- Label the row as Total Revenue in cell B72- Select the Yearly Category Revenue chart-3- The data source for the chart is highlighted-4- Drag the highlighted selection to include the total row -B7 to H7- For the Revenue by Category chart, display the percentage for each category-1- Select the Revenue by Category chart-2- From the Chart Tools Design tab, change the chart style to display the data as a percentage including the data label as percentages- You can do this by either selecting a style from the Chart Styles group -such as Style 8 in Excel 2016 for example- or from the Chart Layouts group by selecting one of the Quick Layouts -such as Style 6 in Excel 2016 for example-- For the Revenue by Country chart, sort the countries to display the one with the highest revenue showing at the top and the one with the lowest revenue at the bottom-1- Select the data source for the Revenue by Country chart-2- Sort the data by Revenue from Largest to Smallest ensuring you also sort the countries with the revenue-3- Select the Revenue by Country chart-4- Select the Y axis, the axis that shows the country name-5- Select Categories in reverse order in the Axis options- Attachment:- Introduction to Data Analytics-rar

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