Manage and prioritise the different aspects of work -

Assignment Detail:- BSBPEF501 Manage Personal And Professional Learning goal 1: You are able to develop goals for yourself and your team-Learning goal 2: You are able to manage and prioritise the different aspects of work-Learning goal 3: You are able to develop yourself and your team to maintain competence- Topic 1: Developing goals for yourself and your team Most organisations set strategic goals on an annual basis- These goals are set with the organisation's mission and vision in mind, and provide clear direction for employees and teams in performing their day-to-day tasks-Managers set goals for their teams to create a common focus and enable team members to work as a cohesive and collaborative unit- Team goals are usually broken down into challenging, meaningful goals or tasks for each team member to ensure work is carried out and that the organisation reaches its objectives- Activity: ReadWhat are some examples of employee goals????Why should you develop employee goals????How do you set SMART goals???? How do you set HEART goals????How do you track and measure goals????Take any notes to summarise what you have read and keep for future reference- Assessing team member goalsPersonal and professional development goals of every member of a team should align with the goals and plans of the organisation, in order to reach organisational objectives-Setting goals for personal development involves employees assessing themselves and identifying the areas in which they can improve- This will include evaluating their current strengths, weaknesses, skills and capabilities and developing a plan for personal growth- Personal development can lead to career advancement, increased productivity and better relationships at work- Some examples of personal work goals may be:• Defining priorities and maintaining your own work-life balance• Developing your emotional intelligence • Improving communication and listening skills with colleagues and teams• Managing your own wellbeing A personal development plan -or PDP-, enables employees to improve their performance and reach their full potential, to the benefit of the organisation-In addition to personal development, goals should be set to ensure the professional development of every employee- Managers have the responsibility to create opportunities for formal and informal professional development- Activity: ReflectReflect on your current job or a previous job you've had- • What are your career ambitions????• What are your current skills and capabilities????• What are some of your strengths and weaknesses????Write your thoughts down and keep your notes for a future activity- Activity: DevelopSearch the internet for an example of a Professional Development Plan- Work in groups of 3-4 students for this activity- You will now practice writing a Development Plan- You may download a free template or create your own-• Each member of the group should list at least three professional work goals-specific or general- based on the position description for their current or previous role- • Using the SMART goal criteria, prioritise the three personal work goals and create a SMART goal for each-Be clear about the steps you will take to achieve each goal, the support you will need and the timeframe- • Practice providing support to the other members of your group by making suggestions and providing feedback on their professional development plan-Your trainer/assessor will provide your group with feedback- Activity: Research and discussIn what ways can a manager help their team members to align their workplace behaviours, practices and commitment to an organisation's mission and vision statements????Find an example of a mission and vision statement to illustrate your answer- Activity: Research and discussThere are a number of measures that can be used to assess and monitor performance and facilitate development-• Consider your own position or a position you have held previously- How can you ensure that goals you have set are being achieved???? How can performance be measured????• Research the internet to find personal and professional development opportunities that would be relevant to your role- • How can a manager facilitate development that's catered to team and individual needs???? Activity: ReflectHave you ever had formal feedback given at a workplace???? How did this take place???? Was it a positive or negative outcome???? Did you take on the feedback and action the recommendations or not bother following it up????Have you given any feedback be it formal or informal???? Was it hard to provide feedback, if so, why????Do you take on board informal feedback or responses that you notice in your workplace -for example someone may keep making mistakes and suggest that your instructions can sometimes be difficult to understand-????

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