MAN6301 Project Risk Management Assignment, Edith Cowan

Project Risk Management Assignment -

Case Study: Project - Regional Rail Fleet (NSW) - Recommendations for WA

On successful completion of these assessments students should be able to:

1. Identify project-related risks.

2. Evaluate quantitative and qualitative approaches to project risk analysis.

3. Develop both routine and creative risk response plans.

4. Develop a comprehensive risk management plan for an authentic project context.

This assignment requires you to examine the available information related to the Regional Rail Fleet project case study and to assume the role of risk consultant or risk manager for the development of a similar rail system that could be implemented between Perth and Regional Centres in Western Australia.

Based on the information gathered, and the lessons learnt, you are required to produce a report for the Western Australian Government. The project examines:

The assignment should be completed in two parts:

Task 1 - Data Collection

Part 1 Deliverables (1,500 words)

This is the data collection part, in which you will gather all the input information about the project context, organisations and stakeholders, state background and the risks for the sponsor. The following elements must be included:

  • Background
  • Literature review: Identifying the PM Risk framework and Review Industry Report and Identify Risk.
  • The Western Australian Government's need for the project
  • The feasibility of the project
  • Both negative as well as positive risk events/conditions present in the Western Australian scenario.

Task 2 - Business Report

Part 2 Deliverables (3,000 words)

This part involves the completion of a formal business report, with a risk management plan and recommendations which must include the following elements:

  • Possible risk treatments/responses elements that are identified and are appropriate.
  • A risk management plan highlighting summary of negative/positive risks collected, relevant risks and how they will be managed.
  • Recommendations regarding the project with suitable justification of the most appropriate way forward.

Note - Need Task 1 only - Words: 1500.

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