Major theories of child development and the five major

Assignment Detail:- EDEC 104 Growth and Development in Early Childhood 1- Students will become familiar with the major theories of child development and the five major theorists, Eric Ericson, Jean Piaget, Uri Bronfenbrenner, Lev Vygotsky and Howard Gardner- 2- Students will understand that these various theoretical perspectives offer different lenses through which they can view the developing child- 3- Students will understand the term "self-concept" and how critical it is for families, carers and educators to nurture a feeling of positivity in the child to enhance and motivate their learning skills and abilities in all areas of development- 4- That understanding individual development processes enables educators to plan meaningful and appropriate experiences for children- 5- Students will see the importance of forming their own values and beliefs about the theories of learning so they can formulate the best approaches to working with young children- LEARNING ACTIVITIES Students will discuss the different theories of development and the various perspectives taken by each philosopher to understand the processes of learning involved in each area of development; cognitive, physical, emotional and social-

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