Maintain ongoing assessment of the person - Prioritise work

Assignment Detail:- Professional practice assessment: You must implement, monitor and evaluate two -2- different nursing care plans for two -2- clients under the supervision of a registered nurse in the workplace- You must work with two -2- clients for a significant period of time -half a day, a shift etcetera- and undertake relevant activities outlined in the nursing care plan within your own scope of practice- You must undertake the following activities, where appropriate, when implementing nursing care plans:• Appropriately refer to the nursing care plan• Prioritise work activities using a time planner• Maintain a balanced approach to your workload in the workplace• Ensure sufficient resources are available to provide required nursing care• Seek support if any activity outlined in the plan of care is beyond your scope of practice• Appropriately prepare clients for care procedures• Explain the procedures• Seek consent• Maintain the person's privacy and dignity• Assist clients to address their activities of daily living• Use identified aids to assist activities of daily living, where appropriate-• Contribute to their own independence and mobility- You must undertake the following activities, where appropriate, when monitoring nursing care plans:• Maintain ongoing assessment of the person• Use various techniques such as observation and use of monitoring equipment and devices• Prioritise work activities to address the person's urgent needs• Record and report concerns in the person's condition or behaviour to the registered nurse• Report situations of risk according to organisation policy and procedures- You must undertake the following activities, where appropriate, when evaluating nursing care plans:• Identify and evaluate own contributions to the person's care in collaboration with the interdisciplinary team-• Evaluate the person's progress towards planned outcomes as documented in the care plan-• Where appropriate, make required changes to the nursing care plan in line with best practice in nursing-• Record and report all aspects of the evaluation of nursing care provided- You must complete the following templates provided for Activities 1 and 2 -for care plan 1 and 2- for each client, as applicable-

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