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Assignment Detail:- MAC002A Accounting Information Systems - Universal Business School Sydney Aim: The purpose of this group assignment is to make familiar students with the key business processes within organisations, the role and operation of information systems in supporting these business processes and data analytics using various tools- Learning Objectives: Part A focuses on:• Describe the role of information systems in today's competitive business environment with particular focus on accounting information systems-• To help better understand how technology can facilitate:o effective and efficient management of an organisation;o Business processes within an organisation in a digital economy-• Examine the part played by various information systems in the decision-making process at the different levels of an organisation-• Systems Documentation -draw diagrams and flowcharts of a system based on narration-;• Internal Controls Assessment -assess based on narration, identify on a flowchart and explain using templates provided-;• Use of software visualisation tools to develop executive dashboards and Part B• Business Process Re-engineering -assess and make recommendations--Students will be assessed on the quality, completeness, accuracy, correctness, relevance and viability of your proposed solutions relative to the business case- Students will also be assessed on written communication and presentation- Requirements: You should form groups of four -4- to five -5- students and attempt both the Parts- Part A is due on Sunday Week 11 and presentation of Part B would be in class on Week 11- You are required to submit report on Part A only- Part A Case Study 01: The Vax Max Inc- is an electric appliance manufacturing Company makes Robot vacs- Processing of production orders is as follows: At the end of each week, the production planning department prepares a master production schedule -MPS- that lists which robotic vacuum cleaner models and quantities are to be produced during the next week- A production order preparation program accesses the MPS and the operations list -stored on a permanent disk file- to prepare a production order for each robot vacuum cleaner model that is to be manufactured- Each new production order is added to the open production order master file stored on disk- Each day, parts department clerks review the open production orders and the MPS to determine which materials need to be released to production- All materials are bar-coded- Factory workers work individually at specially designed U-shaped work areas equipped with several machines to assist them in completely making a vacuum cleaner- Factory workers scan the bar-codes as they use materials- To operate a machine, the factory workers swipe their ID badge through a reader- This results in the system automatically collecting data identifying who produced each model of vacuum cleaner and how much time it took to make them- Once the product is finished, it is placed in a box- The last machine in each work cell prints a bar-code label that the worker affixes to the box- The packed and sealed vacuum cleaners are then sent to the warehouse- Required: Prepare a data flow diagram of all operations described- Data analysis and visualisation using Power Bi: This task requires you to create a customised report with the following three pages:a- Overview page showing sales and pretax profit by year;b- Total assets by yearc- Income tax expense and Tax paid in cash by year When you've completed the task the outcome will look like close to the following but not necessarily the same- It is just for your guidance to evaluate whether you are doing it correctly or not- Also since it is all local sales with no overseas sales so your sales by country visulisations will look different- For part -b- and -c- in the below image instead of sales and target by month, prepare visulisations for Total assets and income tax vs cash tax paid by year- Part B Business Process Redesign Select any company which has recently undertaken business process re-engineering -other than Ford motors and IBM- and discuss the topic under following headings: 1- A brief description of old business process2- Bottle neck identified3- Re-engineered process4- Results/outcomes of Business process reengineering- Attachment:- Accounting Information Systems-rar

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