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Assignment Detail:- LSD403 Life Stages and Development - Torrens University Assessment - Life Stages Presentation -Visual Presentation- Part SummaryTo consolidate your knowledge on the stages and theories of human development across the lifespan, for this assessment you are required to research and describe the theories and stages of human development in a visual presentation-Please see the Part Instructions for more details- ContextThe assessment talk will strengthen your understanding of the stages of psychological development and associated theories of human development across the lifespan- This will assist you to apply lifespan theories of development to a range of contexts, including counselling situations in your professional life- Part Instructions For this assessment, you are required to research the stages of human development across the lifespan and the theories associated with each- You must then develop a visual presentation that outlines a minimum of four -4- of these-This presentation should be eye-catching, informative and clearly display information on four -4- stages of development- For each life stage chosen, you should include:• A brief description of the stage• The human ages it relates to• An analysis of the theories of human development associated with it• Any significant developmental experiences that are specific to the stage ReferencingIt is essential that you use appropriate APA 6th style for citing and referencing research- Attachment:- Life Stages and Development-rar

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