Literature review should be presenting the state of current

Assignment Detail:- HI6032 Leveraging IT for Business Advantage - Holmes Institute Objective-s- This assessment item relates to the unit learning outcomes as in the unit descriptor- This assessment is designed to improve student presentation skills and to give students experience in researching the literature on a topic relevant to the Unit of Study subject matter, critically analyzing current academic papers then presenting results and findings in a referenced written report- Instructions For this component you will write a research report and prepare a literature review/ critique on a particular topic and how this topic relates to IT in Business- The topic you select must be directly relevant to IT in Business All students must have a different topic- Students can choose to write about the same technology, but the approach and the thrust of each paper must be different- For instance, you could look at cloud computing from a security viewpoint, or from an environment impact viewpoint, or from the perspective of a manager trying to reduce their hardware costs- There will be many perspectives to look at each technology and its relation to Business IT- To ensure this uniqueness, each student must email their topic and title to their tutor within the first week- Your tutor will respond with an approval or with a message that you will either need to choose a different technology or to change the thrust of your paper- Once it has been approved you should begin by working towards the first deliverable- Note: It is important to realize, that you must have prior approval for a topic before you can submit- If you submit something for assessment without approval for the specific topic, it will not be graded- Once you have a topic approved, you cannot change it without consent from your subject lecturer- The first deliverable is in week 4, and is the outline of the paper they intend to write so it is important that students receive topic approval in time to fully consider the structure of what they intend to do- The outline will include the title and a description of the sections in your paper and the key topics in each, along with at least five preliminary references and a note as to in which section they will be included- The draft version is just that, a draft- The first draft can be messy, rough and amenable to change, allowing you to re-mould your structure with successive drafts- You can avoid trying to write perfect sentences and paragraphs -polishing-- Additionally, you can include bullet points, sentence fragments, and temporary section headings, but I would expect approximately half of the paper to be near complete at this stage- Don't worry about being repetitive or boring- Avoid making your writing eloquent, stylistic or succinct in the first draft: you can revise and improve your writing as your rework later drafts- The idea of the draft is to get down initial ideas and develop an overall structure of the paper- The final version of your paper is the polished version, the approach should follow the same plan as your draft, but obviously some change may have occurred from the draft- You should not use a lot of small sections and bullet points in the final version- Your literature review should be presenting the state of current knowledge in a specific area and as such, should have a narrative that flows from one paragraph to another- You cannot achieve this with bullet points and small disjoint sections- All references included with your paper must be cited within the paper and be appropriate to the context of the citation- Attachment:- IT for Business Advantage-rar

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