List here the relevant policies and procedures you believe

Assignment Detail:- FINANCIAL Risk AnalysisBased on the same reports used in Part 4 over the months of August and September -remembering that the financial year commences in July- outline your plan to alleviate the current ongoing risk of the business operating at a monthly loss-Use the table below to complete this task: 1- Outline the team members that you would communicate with in relation to planning a meeting and discussing your concerns- 2- Identify the areas that you are planning to discuss withthese team members- 3- Outline HOW you would communicate and liaise with the team that you have brought together- 4- List here the relevant policies and procedures you believe would need to be reviewed in line with minimizing the financial risks of the organisation- 5- Complete the FINANCIAL RISK ANALYSIS Template below outlining your main areas of concern, costs reduction, increasing income, etc--Add additional rows as needed- Attachment:- Financial Risk Analysis Template-rar

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