List four tools or strategies that you can use to gather

Assignment Detail:- Knowledge Activity -Q & A- Objective: To provide you with an opportunity to show you have the required knowledge for this unit- The answers to the following questions will enable you to demonstrate your knowledge of:- Program planning principles and processes, including:o program designo program resourcingo implementation systems and procedureso feedback and complaints procedureso evaluation and continuous improvemento accountability and governanceo funding framework, including not-for-profit, government funding- Supports needed for effective consumer participation at all levels of program planning- Requirements of specific service user groups and individuals, including:o diverse and multi-faceted needs and issues service user participation opportunities and barrierso opportunities for collaboration and service partnershipso risk, regulatory and sustainability considerationso standards, codes and legislation compliance Answer each question in as much detail as possible, considering your organisational requirements for each one- 1- List four tools or strategies that you can use to gather client feedback on service provision 2- Give examples of at least five barriers which can prevent consumer participation in program planning- 3- Give examples of five factors which can affect the needs, issues, and priorities of an individual service user-  

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