Leadership and learning Assessment - Explain what the team

Assignment Detail:- BSBPMG633 Provide leadership for the program Assessment Part - Leadership and learning Part 3-1 Support staff learning Schedule a meeting with the project managers in week 5 of class-The project managers will be played by a group of classmates -Role-Play-- The meeting will be an opportunity to:• Reinforce the program vision• Identify learning needs and opportunities• Communicate and agree on individual program roles• Present plans for knowledge management• Encourage learning as a key to program success • Demonstrate leadership• Coach the program managers to work towards the attainment of program benefits• Answer questions from the program team and provide the information required Duration: 20-30 minutesThe trainer and assessor will evaluate your performance during the Role Play-If you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to make alternative arrangements with the trainer and assessor to perform the Role-Play-Before the meeting• Prepare a detailed PowerPoint presentation to address ALL the following: 1- Explain what the team can expect from you as a leader and as an experienced Program Manager -3-4 expectations--Include an explicit commitment to leading them effectively -you could use an inspirational quote--List your behavioural expectations for constituent project managers- 2- Structure and illustrate the program roles -4-5 key roles in total--During the meeting you will ask if the team agrees or if they would change anything-Use the table below for this slide- 3- Develop a list of identified learning needs and opportunities-During the meeting you will ask if the team agrees or if they would add/change anything- 4- Develop and present a training plan for project managers- You will negotiate and finalise the plan during the meeting--4-5 formal training opportunities and two informal- 5- Develop and present a knowledge management strategy: what knowledge is essential to the program, how it will be collected, shared, and recorded-Use the table below for this slide- 6- Plan for the involvement of project managers in program planning and implementation-Mentor the project managers by explaining when they will be involved in program planning and implementation for feedback and inputs, and outline how this is a crucial learning process-Use the table below for this slide- 7- Coach the project managers by explaining how errors can be a learning opportunity, encourage project managers to be open about the errors they make- Explain how learning supports working towards the attainment of program benefits- You could use an example from your own experience, a case study or a quote to illustrate your point- 8- Encourage the project managers to reflect on and review practice as a basis for learning-Ask them to complete the stinky fish reflection exercise -adapted for the presentation-; see the template below to use in this slide- 9- Prepare a Q&A slide-• Prepare to ask the project managers who attended the meeting to complete the review form below -Template 1--You will have to make sure that the participants complete the form and give it back to you to be submitted with your assessment- Part 3-2 Evaluate leadership Reflect on the learning in this unit, the work performed in the assessment, and your role as a program manager- Address all the following in the form of personal notes:• Describe what leadership style, skills and behaviours are needed to manage the program effectively • Describe what leadership style/s and skills you possess and what leadership style/s and skills you wish to develop• Review the feedback received by the project managers and ask the project sponsor -trainer and assessor- for further feedback-• Outline a plan to address improvement needs for future leadership roles and opportunities--80-150 words- Attachment:- Leadership and learning-rar

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