Launching a marketing campaign promoting new homedesigns

Assignment Detail:- ABS Homes case study Project 1: Constructing a 20 storey-apartment at the corner of Regency Road and Churchill Road, Prospect SA 5082- This type of building is more popular amongthose who prefer urban areas and a busy social life-Clients are usually unmarried or married with no children- Project 2: Launching a marketing campaign promoting new homedesigns-Project 1- and the apartment -Project 2-- Requirements: Choose one of the above projects and prepare a project management plan -following the provided template-- Groups of 4 members need to cover all four topics, whereas groups of 3 only include Project charter, Stakeholder management plan and Communication management plan- The marking criteria for Assignment 2 are as follows: Introduction & conclusionAppendicesFormatReferencesProject management plan Assessment - Project Fundamentals Part: This assignment will assess your understanding of a project management plan- You should form a group of 3-4 students for Assignment 2 Part AProject charter-Part BProject organisation-Part CStakeholder management plan-Part DCommunication management plan-The Conclusion is a summary of the closing arguments, and shows concepts you have learned or understood- Attachment:- Assignment - Case study-rar

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