ITECH7401 Leadership in IT Project Management Assignment

Assignment Detail:- ITECH7401 Leadership in IT Project Management Assignment - Federation University Part - Team Business Case Purpose - To provide students with practical experience in working in teams to develop a project business case in order to solve a unique and complex IT business problem- CASE STUDY - Heartland Equestrian Centre App Project Assessment Details - Background - A business case is the first deliverable in the IT project life cycle- It provides an analysis of the organisational value, feasibility, costs, benefits, and risks of several proposed alternatives or options- A business case helps to determine whether or not a project justifies an organisations investment into a project- The business case defines the problem and its impact and performs a cost benefit analysis for the proposed solution- It also looks at possible alternative solutions- The business case should also provide a check to see that the project aligns with the organisation's strategic plan- Requirements - In this assignment, you will be required to form teams of approximately four -4- people- One team member is to be elected the project leader for the duration of the project- Teams will prepare a project business case based on an IT project case study and should use their own initiative regarding assumptions and the scheduling all deliverables- Ideally the business case should contain details of the following: -description of project background -description of project objectives -including link to organisational mission statement- -description of the current situation -including a SWOT analysis- -outline of problem/opportunity statement -details of critical assumptions and constraints -an analysis of options and recommendations -financial analysis -npv, roi and payback figures- -preliminary project requirements -project preliminary scope and WBS level 3- -budget estimate -cost model and baseline- -schedule estimate -including summary schedule, Gantt chart and network diagram- -list of potential risks A suggested business process report structure is as follows- Title page Executive summary Table of contents 1-0 Introduction 2-0 Business Case Report for: -insert case study name- 2-1 Project background 2-2 Mission statement and project objectives 2-3 SWOT analysis 2-4 Problem/opportunity statement 2-5 Critical assumptions and constraints 2-6 Analysis of options and recommendations 2-7 Financial analysis 2-8 Project scope and WBS 2-9 Cost model and baseline 2-10 Schedule, Gantt chart and network diagram 2-11 List of risks -team member 3-0 Conclusion 4-0 References 5-0 Appendices -innovation tasks- Note - Assignment almost completed assignment- Need some things added and also add on d- cost model and baseline- Only those 4 remaining - a- organizational chart b- payback figures c- add on cost and baseline model - explanation of our figures d- network diagram- Attachment:- IT Project Management Assignment Files-rar

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