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Assignment Detail:- ITECH3108 Dynamic Web Development Assessment - Full-stack Web Application OverviewFor this assessment task, you will design, implement, and debug a full-stack web application, creating both a back-end API and appropriate front-end- Learning Outcome 1: Contrast the capabilities and limitations of client-side and server-side web code-Learning Outcome 2: Detect opportunities for increasing security and privacy of web applications-Learning Outcome 3: Develop client/server web applications using client-side and server-side code-Learning Outcome 4: Connect to and manipulate a database management system programmatically using server-side code-Learning Outcome 5: Design and implement a web-based Application Programming Interface -API--Learning Outcome 6: Design, develop, test, and debug client/server web applications to provided specifications- Assessment Details For this assignment, you will build upon skills acquired through the course and completion of prior assignment work to develop an online poetry sharing site- Give it a cool name, like "Poetry zone" or something-The poetry sharing site has the following functional requirements:• Visitors -i-e- members of the public- can sign up to become a Member, supplying a username and password;• Once signed up, members can add Poems that they have written, with a title and a body;• Both visitors and members can see a global list of Poems;• Members can comment on each poem• Members can give a rating to each poem - it is up to you to decide what form this rating takes- A single member can only rate any given poem once;• The global list of poems must show an aggregate rating for each poem;• Members can view a list of the poems they have given a positive rating; and• To prevent abuse, members can choose to hide particular comments on their own poems, without affecting the rating-The poetry site has the following non-functional requirements:• The site must be structured as an HTML front-end with a RESTful API back-end; Compared to your previous assignment, it's ok to have multiple HTML pages, and a mix of dynamically-generated HTML and API-based functionality; • At minimum, the following functions, if implemented, must using a RESTful API approach, without whole-page reloads at the client:o Commenting on a poemo Rating a poemo Hiding a comment• The API must be protected from unauthorized use - that is, members should not be able to comment on behalf of other users via the API, for example;• Poems, comments, ratings and member information must be saved in a relational database, either PostgreSQL or SQLite; and• Passwords must be securely stored -use Argon2 or bcrypt at minimum, not plain text or MD5- Initial dataInclude enough initial data to be an effective demonstration of your site - at least 3 users, 5 poems, and 10 comments/ratings- At least one poem should have no ratings at all-If you choose to use PostgreSQL, include an SQL script that will generate your database with your assignment submission- Such a script should also create the database-If you choose to use SQLite, include your SQLite file in your submission- ReportInclude in your submission a report containing:• A brief description of your assignment architecture, including a list of URL patterns used in your API;• A statement indicating which features of the assignment you completed;• A statement indicating what help you received, if any, from outside sources- Include this statement even if you completed the assignment entirely on your own- You do not need to acknowledge ITECH3108 course materials-If you include the creative works of others in your database -existing poetry-, acknowledge those sources appropriately- Attachment:- Full-stack Web Application-rar

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