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Assignment Detail:- ITECH3108 - Dynamic Web Development Assignment - Federation University Assessment Part - Front-end Development Overview - For this assessment task, you will use skills acquired through the first six weeks of material to build an interactive front-end to an API- You will be developing a front-end for a simple forum application, using front-end JavaScript, the Document Object Model, and fetch to connect to a RESTful web API- You will also submit a written reflection on your learning- Assessment Details - For this assignment, you will need to create an interactive front-end for an existing API, using HTML, CSS and JavaScript- Part one - Install the API server application Using the skills you developed in the week 1 laboratory task, install the API server application- Data Model The database exists in-memory only, and will be reset every time the server restarts, so don't be afraid of breaking anything in it- There are two top-level object types: users and threads- A user has a username and a name -or display name-- A thread has a title, an id, an icon, and an array of posts- A post has a user -the author of the post- and a text field -the content of the post-- The complete database is displayed in the browser, and updates automatically- Any errors will be reported both by an appropriate status code -eg- 400, 401, 404- and by a JSON response containing an "error" key- The API does not allow creating or deleting users, nor deleting individual posts- It does not support the PUT verb for any resources- Creating a thread using the API also creates the first post within it- Part two - Build the application Create a front-end HTML, CSS and JavaScript application that uses the above API- Your application should run within the regular Deno file_server application- During development you will need to run both file_server to serve your assignment files and chat_server to serve up your chat forum API- In Windows, this is easiest achieved by running multiple command prompts- Challenge task -optional!- - Use the History API to make it possible to use the Back and Forward browser buttons to navigate -eg, clicking back after clicking a thread-- Part three - Written report Include in your submission a written report which includes: A personal reflection describing your approach to the assignment, any difficulties encountered, and what you learned in completing the task -approx- 300-400 words, about 1 page-- Note that any plagiarism in this reflection is absolutely unacceptable, and will be reported if discovered- A statement of completion indicating which parts of the assignment you did or did not attempt- A statement of assistance showing what sort of help you obtained from external resources or peer groups- Any instructions necessary to run your application -if not obvious- Anything cool or extra you've done- Attachment:- Dynamic Web Development Assignment File-rar

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