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Assignment Detail:- ISY503 Intelligent Systems - Torrens University Australia Case Study 1: - Computer vision and behavioral phenotyping: an autism case study by Guillermo Sapiro, Jordan Hashemi and Geraldine Dawson Case Study 2: A Framework for Applying Natural Language Processing in Digital Health Interventions Assessment - Case Study Report Learning Outcome 1: Determine suitable approaches towards the construction of AI systems- Learning Outcome 2: Determine ethical challenges which are distinctive to AI and issues that may arise with such rapidly developing technologies- Learning Outcome 3: Communicate clearly and effectively using the technical language of the field and constructively engage with different stakeholders- Part Summary You are to write a report based on a case study that focusses on the application of an intelligent system- Intelligent systems can encompass many AI centred systems but the main focus of this assessment is Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing -NLP-- Computer vision, as a field, is progressing at a rapid rate helped in part by advances in deep learning- There are many challenges in computer vision including; dual priorities, speed for real-time detection, limited data, class imbalance, and ethics- There are many Computer Vision problems including object detection, gesture recognition, hand sign detection, satellite image classification, to name just a few- NLP has given us the ability to talk to a machine -voice as input-, such as the AI-based systems like Alexa or Siri, and be understood- Alas there is still a long way to go before we have systems that exhibit a real understanding of natural language -Natural Language Understanding/NLU-, as ultimately computers need to be able to determine polarization and sentiment analysis, emotion analysis, topic detection and classification- The report should be 1500 words -+/- 10%- and is an individual piece of work- ContextExploring various applications of intelligent systems will give you a greater understanding of the use and efficacy of these systems, to solve simple through to complex problems- Learning to analyse the suitability of different AI methods, the ethical issues associated with them, and the technical language used in the industry is essential to ensure you are able to articulate the challenges around implementation of the intelligent system being discussed- Using case studies that focus on intelligent systems will bolster your analytical skills, helping you to think through the how, why, when and where of implementing such a system- By completing this assessment you will to appreciate the real-life application of intelligent systems, and begin to identify opportunities to utilise these systems across a breadth of problems- Part Instructions To complete this assessment task you must write a case study report with the following sections: • Introduction: This section should introduce the case study you have been given, and highlight the significance of the problem it seeks to address-• Background: This section should provide sufficient background information on, and explain the application of, the intelligent system including machine learning models and methods-• Method: Elaborate here on the method-s- used and explain how the research was undertaken- You should include the source of data used in the case study, and identify any ethical issues that may have arisen upon its use -e-g-, medical history of patients--• Results: What was the outcome of the case study????• Discussion: In this section you should explain the relevant and significance of your chosen study, and you should identify obstacles restricting the intelligent system- You should also mention any constraints reported in the article-• Recommendations: This section should include critical perspectives and recommendations to improve or enhance the system-• References: You should support your report with additional peer-reviewed journal articles- These should be in appropriate APA style- ReferencingIt is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research- Attachment:- Case study-rar

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