Issues in terms of strategic importance to the organisation

Assignment Detail:- Report will prioritise these issues in terms of strategic importance to the organisation by creating an illustrative timeline- InstructionsThe specific instructions on how to format the report and answer/address the questions and various sections of the report are as follows:• Create a title page with your name, student ID and report title-• Executive Summaryo Write an executive summary that clearly, and succinctly captures the main purpose of the report and the key findings and recommendations- This section of the report should appear on a separate page before the Table of Contents Page- This section is usually written last when you have an overview of the report contents- The executive summary should be no longer than a paragraph-o Suggested word allocation 150- • Introductiono Write a brief introduction that provides an overview of the organisation and its main strategic goals- Briefly outline the relevance and importance of paying attention to Global HR practices- Cite and discuss academic research to support the discussion-o Suggested word allocation 200- • Question -Section 1 of the report- - Identification of the issues-o Identify and describe the core issues in the case study - this discussion should be succinctly paraphrased -written in your own words- and should not use any quotes from the case study or identify the names of staff/employees mentioned in the case-o Suggested word allocation 300 • Question 2 -Section 2 of the report- - Categorisation, analysis, and recommendations for managing the issues-o Discuss how the management team may effectively address and categorize the identified issues- Reflecting on the range of topics -knowledge- covered in this course, identify which specific areas -categories- of IHRM need to be considered in addressing these issues-o Recommendations need to be based on academic -evidenced based- research literature- This must be used to analyse these issues and support the reasoning in the discussion of recommendations-o Critical thinking, sound reasoning and analysis are required, and this may be demonstrated by providing discussion in the context of the cited research literature- Avoid merely citing a reference at the end of the sentence or paragraph and focus on explaining how this is related to the central point- Again, paraphrase the discussion, and do not use quotes from any source-o Suggested word allocation 1200 • Question 3/Section 3 of the report- A plan and timeline for addressing the issues-o Construct a plan to address the identified issues- This plan should prioritise these issues in terms of urgency and strategic importance to the firm's operations-o Provide a timeline that illustrates how addressing these issues may help to achieve the short -12-18 months-, medium -2-3 years-, and long term -3-5 + years- goals of the organisation-

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