Is it OK to Judge people? Explain your point of views and

Assignment Detail:- Unit - Judging by Appearances Ex-1 Write Might/ Can't/ Must to in the sentence gaps 1- Look at that guy's enormous muscles- He ________________ work out a lot-2- Michelle ________________ want to participate in the festival - it seems like the type of thing she'd be interested in- Why don't you ask her????3- She goes camping every weekend- She ________________ really love the outdoors-4- He worked hard on his report, then accidentally deleted the file from his computer- He ________________ be upset-5- You ________________ be right - but I'm going to check to make sure-6- We're not sure if this painting is an original- It ________________ be worth thousands of dollars-7- I ________________ not be able to go to the football game- It depends on whether I can get the afternoon off from work-8- He's working full-time and studying for his Ph-D- That ________________ be easy-9- You just ate a huge dinner! You ________________ be hungry again already! 10-Wow - look at that diamond necklace-10- It ________________ cost a fortune- Ex-2 Highlight the correct answers1- Which word is closest in meaning to "polite"???? a- charmingb- sincerec- courteous 2- Which word is closest in meaning to "hard-working"???? a- pro-activeb- resourcefulc- diligent 3- Which word is closest in meaning to "funny"???? a- humorousb- convivialc- plucky 4- Which word is closest in meaning to "sociable"???? a- amusingb- gregariousc- diplomatic5- If you consider the needs or feelings of others, you're a _______ person- a- reservedb- consideratec- faithful 6- If you have a relaxed attitude and don't worry too much, you're _______ - a- Easy goingb- versatilec- patient 7- If you express strong feelings or beliefs about something, you're _______ about it- a- passionateb- romanticc- compassionate 8- If you often feel sympathy for people or animals that are suffering, you're a _______ person- a- passionateb- romanticc- compassionate 9- Which word is closest in meaning to "sensible"???? a- sensitiveb- rationalc- reliable 10- If you don't depend on other people or need much support, you're an _______ person- a- adventurousb- energeticc- independent Ex-3 Writing Exercise• Complete each statement with might or must????to fill each space,• finish each sentence in your own words-• Example: I CAN'T believe it; I just saw a UFO flying in the sky! 1- Your mother????________????be a great cook-------2- I????_________ be working too hard-------3- Do you know where Carl is???? He_______????be out----------4- You????_________????go every week to---------------------5-- He____________????know much about this company---------------6- They ___________be in there, I saw them going to----------------7- Oh, the phone is ringing- Answer it- It_________????be Kate-------------------8- Dan has been drinking that whiskey since early this afternoon- He_______????be totally-------------9- That couple_______????think much of this film, they're leaving-------------10-- They__________????be very rich---------------- Ex-4 Listening ComprehensionClick on the attached link & watch the video, Don't Put People in BoxesWrite down 5 personal questions you heard-1-2-3-4-5- Ex-5 Writing AssignmentWriting guideline - Approximately 50 words each for both the questions-- :Q-1 Is it OK to Judge people???? Explain your point of views-Q-2 Is it OK to Judge people who break the law???? Explain your point of views- Please use the correct tenses, punctuation, article and preposition use- Check your work before you submit it- Attachment:- Judging by Appearances-rar

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