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Assignment Detail:- Draft and Record a Speech for Social Media: Video Description: Public speaking is part of running a business with senior managers often giving speeches to employees, corporate partners, vendors, or potential investors- Management need to, however, know how to write a good public speaking speech before their give their speeches- Some of the key strategies for delivering effective strategies include -Mind Tools, 2019-; Planning appropriately Drafting your speech PracticingEngaging with your audience Paying attention to body language Thinking positively Coping with nervesWatching the recording of your speech In a video speech/presentation, body language and facial expressions are critical and can influence your audience- This is a formal speech aimed that organisational stakeholders- Ensure that you dress and speak formally and assume yourself in the role of a senior manager/executive- Examples of some of the famous speeches can be found here - You may use the organisational context and roleplay as used in Assessment Part 2- You may also use your current or previous organisation - or an organisation you know - for this task- Discuss your choice of sample organisation with your trainer/assessor prior to undertaking this task- You will need a camera/smart phone for recording- A recording device will also be provided in the class- The advent of new technologies and social media platform means that manager and leaders have an opportunity to convey their message to a broad range of audiences, stakeholders and general public- Social media can be used as a valuable tool of communication by corporations and management-Accordingly, assume that in this task, you have been asked to prepare and record a speech that can beuploaded to company's social media pages- Part Assume that there have been rumours about company's failing performance and a threat of takeover by an industry giant- There are also rumours that the company has lost key government contracts and development projects- However, the company is only going through tough market conditions- Company's profitability is down due to new investments in long-term assets and research and development/business development activities- However, the rumours are hard to quash, and the board of directors have decided to upload a well-prepared speech by a senior executive -you in the roleplay- to ease market and consumer fears ahead of the annual general meeting and performance report in a few months- The company's objective is to cover key clarifications in the speech and persuade the audience about company's standing and market situation- Duration: 8-10 minutesAccordingly, using the strategies suggested at the start of this task; AudienceInternal and external company stakeholders, including multi-cultural and diverse client groups PreparationDevelop and draft a purpose statement - the main theme or the concept of the speech Develop the structure any layout -i-e- sequence- of the speechPrepare/develop the required contents and information -based on the given assumptions- Draft your speech on paperEmail the draft speech to your Director -training/assessor roleplay- for feedback and approval Make changes and finalise the draft RecordingPrepare off-the-camera notes, flash cards etc- if needed as prompts during your speech PracticeRecord your speechSave the video file and test it on your computer/phoneDiscuss and confirm the file format and submission method with your trainer/assessor Your speech will be graded for its clarity, structure, persuasive arguments/points, body language, cross- cultural sensitivities and appropriateness, facial expressions, command/knowledge of the topic and organisation- You will need to effectively demonstrate that you can prepare and assume a leadership role and stance in giving this speech- The speech needs to be formal and appropriate for its purpose -i-e- corporate/business message- Assessment Criteria The following assessment criteria will be used for marking this assessment task- Ensure that you have addressed all of the criteria in your work-Completed the task within the given conditions, roleplay and instructionsUsed an appropriate organisational context and profile for the taskAssumed the given roleplay -senior manager- and demonstrated the ability to plan and deliver a formal public addressDemonstrated leadership characteristics in communication and influencing/persuading a large audienceSpeech demonstrates planning and control over contents, delivery and paceSpeech is well organised with an overarching theme, which is unified in the introduction and conclusionIntroduction draws listeners/viewers into the main subject quickly and enthusiastically, begins development of theme and sets appropriate toneSpeech inspires and motivates intended audience and makes consistent connections and references to audienceDelivery demonstrates outstanding oral presentation skills including eye contact, tone, volume and paceInformation/message is clear and concise and make it appealing and engaging for the audience Maintained a positive body posture, controlled facial expressions and conveyed speech with confidenceDemonstrated appropriate and engaging vocabulary, adjusting language and presentation featuresUsed persuasive arguments and reasoning to emphasise a point/issueSpeech reflects understanding of the audience and contents delivered to directly address themDemonstrated cross-cultural awareness and sensitivities in contents, tone, body language and deliveryMaintained the corporate/business focus and was able to fulfil the underlying management/organisational objectivesDemonstrated understanding of the organisational processes, organisational objectives and communications designed to address the audience expectations and needs

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