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Assignment Detail:- INFT3800 Professional Practice in IT - The University of Newcastle Applying for an Innovation Patent OPTIONS: Students will apply for an innovation patent based on the following case narration OR other available case narration that is approved by the lecturer of this course- -eg- previous student projects that is a system or an application based-- Description:You are a newly graduated student from the University of Newcastle -UON- majoring in software engineering- During your study, you have developed an augmented reality software for home design that you think it is worth patented for the innovative features it has- Some features that you claimed to be available in your software are:- Users can use the AR software to not only capture images with their phones, but also insert 3D models into virtual spaces-- 3D models can be viewed from all angles-- 3D model furniture are real products downloaded from user`s chosen store`s database -eg-IKEA, Domayne, Nick Scali etc---- User are able to see how an item would look in any location of their home or setting it in real size without having to buy it-- Users may order online directly through the app interface if they see it fit their home-*Please add more features that you think are unique- In order to apply for the innovation patent of your software, you have to send your application to IP Australia- Instead of using the service of a patent attorney, you have decided to apply for the patent at your own by visiting the IP Australia website- The following information have been summarized from the IP Australia website with regards to applying the innovation patent- The following documents are required in order to lodge your innovation patent application:1- A Patent Request: Innovation Patent Form2- A complete specification of your software A- Patent Request Form - Innovation PatentThe patent request form for an innovation patent is made up of three parts and must include all applicants and the nature of the invention- All completed parts must be signed by the same person and filed at the same time- In this case, you are the sole creator of your software- B- Complete Specification A complete specification is made up of Title, Description, Claims, an Abstract and Drawings -optional-- The specification should be drafted carefully- This is the document on which a patent, if granted, is based- TitleThe title should appear on the first page -from the UON template is page 3-- DescriptionIt is important to include a full description of your invention when you file a complete application- ClaimsClaims are an important concept and function- Patent ‘claims' work based on exclusive rights to an invention- If you try to claim too much, it may be difficult to obtain or at least defend those rights- However, if you claim too little you may miss out on valuable opportunities- Poorly worded claims can be confusing and completely miss the true ‘inventive step' in your technology- Claims are important because they determine the scope of the monopoly given by a patent- The claims must:• be clear and concise• distinguish your invention from what is already known• set out all the essential technical features of your invention• be consistent with the description- Statements about advantages of your invention are not suitable as claims- An innovation patent can have up to five claims- AbstractPatent applications can be lengthy, technical documents- You must include an abstract at the back of your specification to act as an executive summary- This will help the reader quickly identify the key features of your invention- Note: drawings are optional but recommended if they help explain your invention- Attachment:- Professional Practice-rar

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