Implement the classes created in Activities One and Two and

Assignment Detail:- COIT20256 Data Structures and Algorithms - Central Queensland University Assessment: Implement the classes created in Activities One and Two and submit your source code --java- files- Tutorial Questions Question 1: What are abstract methods???? Describe the circumstances in which an abstract method would be appropriate- Question 2: Compare and contrast abstract classes and interfaces- Why would you use an abstract class???? Why would you use an interface???? Question 3: Distinguish between an abstract class and a concrete class- Question 4: -Payroll System Modification- Modify the payroll system of Figs- 10-4-10-9 of textbook to include an additional Employee subclass PieceWorker that represents an employee whose pay is based on the number of pieces of merchandise produced- Class PieceWorker should contain private instance variables wage -to store the employee's wage per piece- and pieces -to store the number of pieces produced-- Provide a concrete implementation of method earnings in class PieceWorker that calculates the employee's earnings by multiplying the number of pieces produced by the wage per piece- Create an array of Employee variables to store references to objects of each concrete class in the new Employee hierarchy- For each Employee, display its string representation and earnings- Question 5: -Accounts Payable System Modification- In this exercise, we modify the accounts payable application of Figs- 10-11-10-15 to include the complete functionality of the payroll application- The application should still process two Invoice objects, but now should process one object of each of the four Employee subclasses -Figs- 10-5- 10-8-- If the object currently being processed is a BasePlusCommissionEmployee, the application should increase the BasePlusCommissionEmployee's base salary by 10%- Finally, the application should output the payment amount for each object- Complete the following steps to create the new application: a- Modify classes HourlyEmployee and CommissionEmployee to place them in the Payable hierarchy as subclasses of the version of Employee that implements Payable -Fig- 10-13-- -Hint: Change the name of method earnings to getPaymentAmount in each subclass so that the class satisfies its inherited contract with interface Payable-- Attachment:- Data Structures and Algorithms-rar

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