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Assignment Detail:- BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan Assessment 1 - Develop Operational Plan VIT café has been operating for three years and it is a great local café- It is a favourite place for the locals of Abbotsford to go to- Six months ago, VIT café hired a chef from Europe with over 15 years' experience in the hospitality industry- There has been amazing feedback about this chef's food especially the tomato chilli jam- VIT café has had a real buzz over this tomato chilli jam, they even got a write up in the local paper about this tomato chilli jam- VIT café received an email about the Good Food and Wine show coming up in the next three months and the manager and the chef decided that it would be a great opportunity to promote both VIT café and the tomato chilli Jam- Develop operational plan Brainstorming ideas 1- In groups of 4, students are to review the above scenario and brainstorm ideas as to what would be involved to prepare for and attend the Good Food and Wine Show-Write your own operational plan 2- Students will be required to prepare and develop their own operational plan based on the above scenario- You could also develop your own product to take to the Good Food Wine Show- You are required to submit your own copy of your operational plan and related reports- Students will be required to use a Gantt chart as a monitoring and planning tool including time lines and key performance indicators- -KPI'S- Time will be allocated during class to commence this project; however, you will be required to prepare the bulk of this project outside of class- Operational Plan Outline: An operational plan defines how an organisation will operate in practice to implement its action and monitoring process:When students are developing their operational plan, they are to consider the following areas and include each step involved to complete this operational plan-• Mission of the operational plan• Resource requirements to attend the Good Food and Wine Show• Research and list what is required to protect your intellectual property i-e- tomato chilli jam recipe• Setting deadlines for the preparation of the good food and wine show• Setting KPIs• Identifying and acquiring physical assets• Human resources requirement -recruiting, inducting and developing personnel-• Allocating budgets• Communication strategy with the Good Food and Wine Show company• Consider the risks you might come across throughout the operational plan and the contingency you could put in place for each risk• Monitoring Tool -Gantt Chart-What students need to submit:» Your plan needs to be presented professionally in a word document» Your document needs to include the following:• A cover sheet• Contents page• Your plan• Gantt chart• An appendix with all the documents required» Students are to fill in the Gantt Chart in detail-» Students are to fill in your time lines according to their research- Assessment 2 - Presentation of the Operational PlanAn operational plan defines how it will operate in practice to implement its action and monitoring plans:Students are to communicate effectively with relevant stakeholders -Team members- to explain the plan and supporting information, seek approvals negotiate variations with your stakeholders -Trainer- and your team members-In this task students are to present their operational plan to other team members who are then to discuss if there are any variations to the plan that might need to be adjusted-Students will be required to report on the feedback received which needs to be signed off by both the trainer and the team members they presented their operational plan to-What are students to complete in this assessment:» Students are to ensure that they schedule a time to present their operational plan, so the trainer can observe the presentation-» Students are to present their operational plan in a professional manner by using a Power Point presentation-» Student needs to ensure that their presentation is signed off by the team member they did the presentation too-» Students are to record their feedback from the team members on their operational plan» Students need to have their observation signed off by the trainer for approval- Assessment 3 - Implement Strategies of the PlanNow that you have developed your operational plan in Assessment 1 you are required to implement strategies to achieve the operational plan-Including the following areas:• Human resources requirement -recruiting, inducting and developing personnel-• List what steps are required to protect your intellectual property for your tomato chilli jam recipe, • Steps involved in acquiring physical resources and services• What Contingency planning would you put in place• Negotiating variations• Documentation required to implement the operational Plan• Monitoring Tool -Gantt Chart-What you need to submit:» Write a report -500-800 words- that outlines what steps need to be followed to complete each area-» Make sure you clearly use each of the above areas as your headings and then the strategies involved» Include a cover page, contents page and an appendix Written Assessment Questions1 Why is it important to develop an Operational Plan for a business venture???? 2 List FOUR -4- Key Result areas on which a business should focus- 3 Explain in detail what actions you would take if customers started complaining about the quality of your food- Include customer satisfaction considerations in your answer- 4 What legislation-s- do you need to be aware of when developing an operational plan???? 5 Explain how you would recruit select and induct the right staff according to your organisational policies and procedures???? 6 Write a definition of a Contingency plan 7 How does a business go about protecting brand names, trademarks and intellectual property???? 8 With whom should the operational plan be shared???? List all stakeholders who need to be aware of the operational plan- 9 Suggest ways in which an operational plan can be effectively monitored- 10 What financial reports will you require to effectively monitor the implementation of your operational plan???? 11 There are many ways to measure the success of your operational plan- Include at least FOUR -4- Key Performance Indicators -KPIs- you would use to measure success- 12 What policies, procedures or practices relate to an operational plan???? 13 Describe TWO -2- models and methods you could use to develop an operational plan- 14 How can an operational plan help achieve the objectives your organisation has established???? 15 What elements do you need to consider when creating a budget???? 16 Analyse and interpret the budget below and calculate the variances-Suggest ways you could improve each variance- Mary's food truck   Budget and Actual from September 2017      Income Budget Actual Variance   Food sales $25,000 $31,345     Coffee sales $12,500 $9,275     Cold drinks sales $5,000 $8,250     Alcohol sales $17,500 $19,250         Expenses Budget Actual   Variance   Food purchases $7,250 $9,716     Coffee Purchases $3,000 $2,318     Cold drinks Purchases $1,650 $2,723     Alcohol Purchases $3,500 $3,850     Wages $18,000 $19,074     17 What are the steps involved in creating a budget for an operational plan????

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