Implement Risk Control Measures - Implement risk control

Assignment Detail:- BSBWHS521 Ensure a safe workplace for a work area Part: Implement Risk Control MeasuresThis task requires you to implement risk control measures identified in Workplace Project Part 4-The risk control measures implemented must reflect information from the Hazard Identification and Risk Register partially completed in Workplace Project Part 4-To complete this task, you must follow procedures outlined in the WHS management plan developed in Workplace Project Part 2 to:• Provide approved resources required to implement risk control measures identified in Workplace Project Part 3• Implement risk control measures identified in Workplace Project Part 3• Determine revised risk rating after implementation of risk control measures• Select risk control measures to implement based on hierarchy of control measures• Identify the residual risk rating on your Hazard Identification Form• Identify the following information on your Risk Register:o Actual date to implemento Revised risk ratingo Date of review Review Workplace Project Part 5 - Assessor's Checklist before starting this task- This form outlines the following:• Resources you are required to access to complete the task-• All criteria your submission must address to satisfactorily complete this task-You assessor will discuss these resources with you, and the criteria outlined in this form prior to this assessment-Review the template you will use to complete this task- If you are using a template from your workplace/organisation, discuss with your assessor to ensure that the template covers all requirements that apply to this task- Otherwise, use the Hazard Identification Form and Risk Register templates provided at the Bounce Fitness siteAfter the assessment, submit the following to your assessor:• Completed hazard identification form• Completed risk registerAdditionally, you must provide evidence of the following:• Provision of resources required to implement risk control measures• Implementation of each risk control measure outlined in your Risk Register

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