Implement programs in Python to solve business problems and

Assignment Detail:- MIS501 Principles of Programming - Torrens University Australia Assessment - Business case study Learning Outcome 1: Synthesise the tenets of procedural programming into the object- oriented paradigm-Learning Outcome 2: Design and implement solutions using unified modelling language -UML- diagrams and coding to meet business needs- Assessment Part In this assessment, you are required to undertake three tasks- For each task, it is required that you implement a Python program to solve a business problem presented in the business case- Context Module 1-1 to Module 4-1 covered many expressive programming syntax and powerful Python language features- Collectively, they can be used to create sophisticated programs to solve real business problems- In each Module, we focused almost exclusively on particular language features or syntax taught in that Module- In this assessment, you have the opportunity to put them all together- In contrast with the "toy" practical exercises in each Module, you are presented with close-to-real-life business problems and you are asked to develop programs to solve these problems- Sometimes, understanding the business problems and the associated business rules is challenging in their own- The business logics sometimes need to be determined/inferred/interpreted from the business case and business rules, which then need to be implemented using a programming language- These are the challenges you will inevitably have to address in real life- Therefore, the business case and the business rules in this assessment have been deliberated designed to be convoluted and less straightforward- Understanding the case and the business problem is in itself an integral part of the assessment- In this assessment, you will demonstrate the following skills and knowledge:- Grasp business requirements, rules and logics, and be able to translate them into programming code-- Implement programs in Python to solve business problems-- Design a program and illustrate the logic through flowcharts- Instructions 1- Please read the case scenario and complete Part 1, 2 and 3 outlined in the attached MIS501_Assessment 2_ Business Case Study Parts document- 2- All implementations must be in Python 3 -that is NOT Python 2-- Programs implemented in a different language will be marked 0- Programs implemented in Python 2 will be capped at 50% of the available marks- 3- You may only use the language features and syntax taught in Module 1-1 through to Module 4-1- You MUST NOT use any other language features beyond what was taught by Module 4-1- Penalties apply- 4- You may implement the programs in any IDE of your choice- 5- All programs should be provided with adequate and meaning comments- ReferencingIt is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research- Attachment:- Principles of Programming-rar

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