Implement and document a software development project to

Assignment Detail:- ICT413 IT Projects in Business Portfolio Course aim To introduce students to the project management methodologies and tools as well as software development concepts and tools and their application to software development projects- PurposeLearners will gain an understanding software development and project planning Learning Outcome 1: Plan, create, test, implement and document a software development project to provide a solution for organisation use that meets user experience, documentation and coding standards Learning Outcome 2: Use knowledge of software development lifecycle methodologies, project management methodologies and planning tools to recommend methodologies and tools for software development projects- Learning Outcome 3: Develop and follow a project plan to meet a specified brief demonstrating communication and project management skills including progress monitoring and reporting- Plan and create a mobile app- In this assessment, your tasks are to plan, design and create a mobile app for a business- ScenarioYou have been contracted to develop a mobile application, for a small retail company- They need the app to be able to display items which they sell, allowing the potential customer to select and compare products against similar other items, in their product line- Once they have made their choice, they would like a screen to show the customer the item, its cost, the amount of GST and the final total for that product-To successfully complete this assessment, you must first produce a plan showing the step, timeline and milestones, using a project planning tool- Then produce your prototype application in your chosen development tool- Part 1 - Planninga- Based on the scenario above, select and recommend an appropriate SDLC methodology, project planning tool and application development tool-b- Using your selected project planning tool, create a project plan and timeline, for the development of your application-c- Describe the steps for the implementation of your plan-d- List the milestones needed to complete your project-e- Once your plan is complete, arrange for it to be signed off by your tutor- Part 2 - Designing a Mobile Application According to your devised plan, develop a user-friendly business app, using your selected development tool, customising the layout to fit the needs of your application- a- Sketch the planned screen layouts for each page of your app, you should have a minimum of 4 pagesb- Using a spreadsheet to create a list for product details/customer details/information, as required for your application, you should aim for 10 entries in your listc- Develop the app in accordance with your plan, on reaching each of your listed milestones you should have each one signed off by your tutord- The App should run and be tested onto your device and must include:- An icon/button to allow the user to return to the front page- Images, buttons, colours, text and any other media to enhance it-- Security and copyright notice Part 3 - Create End User DocumentCreate an end user document for the project- Use the template below to guide you on writing your end-user documentation- Your documentation should also include: -• Results of testing• Screenshots of running app Attachment:- IT Projects in Business-rar

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