IFN515 Fundamentals of Business Process Management

Assignment Detail:- IFN515 Fundamentals of Business Process Management - Queensland University of Technology Documenting and Improving a Home Building Process Assignment 1 Parts Your Consulting Team -three members- has been engaged by Custom-Built Kit Homes -CKH- to produce a business report -up to 25 pages-, which will include a comprehensive set of as- is process models, detailing CKH's end-to-end home building process- Your report will be developed from a process description sourced from various key stakeholders- For this assignment, you are to complete the following two tasks: Part 1 Produce a business report for CKH management detailing the current state of their core home building process, which will include a set of interrelated process models of the end-to-end process- Specifically, your team is to produce:• A Level 1 model -i-e- a value chain- of the process-• Collaboration diagrams, using BPMN 2-0, that show, at several appropriate levels of abstraction, how each activity/step in the process is currently conducted- Each model -besides the value-chain- will capture the three main process perspectives -i-e- the control flow, data and resource perspectives--o Each team member must produce at least one collaboration diagram set-• A description of the modelling conventions adopted for the process models, toassist readers' understanding-• A description of all assumptions made when developing the report, together with justifications for the assumptions made- Include references to any standards and/or frameworks referred to, if any, during the completion of the report- The collaboration diagrams produced for this report will later -i-e- in Assignment 2- form the basis for a performance analysis of the process, from which a set of concrete improvement & implementation actions can be established- Part 2 Write a personal reflection, that:• explains your role within the team and what your contributions were to the assignment and to your team -i-e- what parts of the assignment did you complete, what parts did you review/provide feedback on-• describes what you did to ensure that you worked efficiently individually and with your team to create a cohesive report• evaluates how efficiently the team worked together to complete the report• explains each team member's role in the team, how they worked with each other and what they contributed to the team- Background Custom-Built Kit Homes -CKH- is a company specialising in the construction of small, prefabricated homes, site offices and granny flats- They build each structure to order, entirely on their factory floor, then ship it to its final site for installation- CKH offer 22 different floorplans, any of which customers are free to modify to meet their specific requirements- CKH was established in 2005- Since 2015, they have been experiencing massive growth in sales, but there has also been a growth in negative customer feedback- The biggest pain points have been found to be:• There is often an unacceptably long period of time between an initial request for quote and the delivery of the finished home-• Customers often experience difficulty in finding out the current status of their build-• Customers report having to deal with a wide variety of CKH employees during the process-• Customers feel that there is a lack of responsibility taken for the building of their home-• Costs have been steadily increasing, making CKH less competitive in the market- CKH management are determined to address these problems and have hired your team to examine their current core process- They have requested a report to be delivered with a summary of findings of current work practice and performance, and some preliminary suggestions for potential improvements, by 29 April 2022- Interviews with key stakeholders have delivered the following process description- Attachment:- Business Process Management-rar

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