Identifying how the diversity-related issues outlined below

Assignment Detail:- COM567 Development and Diversity - Excelsia College Assessment Description - Students are required to research and prepare a 2500-word essay identifying how the diversity-related issues outlined below have influenced and affected -positively and/or negatively- their:-i- overall development -approximately 750 words-;-ii- their present functioning -approximately 750 words-- - Further, students are required to:-i- specify which diversity-issues need to be further examined/explored -for example, within their personal therapeutic work-, and what benefits might be derived from addressing issues in terms of their development and functioning -approximately 500 words--ii- to consider how current diversity-related issues might affect -positively and/or negatively- their cultural awareness and multicultural competence in the therapeutic setting -approximately 500 words-- - Students are expected to demonstrate professional and personal insight in relation to their consideration of these issues- - Diversity-related issues -four -4- of the following six- to be addressed in relation to development and functioning include:1- religious/spiritual tradition/heritage2- social class3- ethnicity/cultural background4- gender5- sexual orientation6- disability and/or illness- Students should employ section headings to organise their essay- Attachment:- Development and Diversity-rar

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