Identify which of your processes is the most cost effective

Assignment Detail:- SEM313 Manufacturing - Deakin University Introduction There are many manufacturing processes that can be used to make a component- The "best" process to use depends on a number of factors including -but not limited to- the:Shape of the component Material being usedQuality and material property requirements Cost requirementsEquipment accessSometimes material selection is undertaken initially, and then the process in considered, whereas in other industries the manufacturing process -available equipment- can be one of the constraints in the material selection process- Studio tasksIn this first set of studios you are asked to choose a component on a Refrigerator that is required to withstand mechanical loading- Use the studio class time or discussion forum to think about, discuss and then answer the following: Part 1: 1- Describe the function of the component, clearly identifying the material-based attributes that are important to its function -i-e- transparency if it is a window--2- What are the material property constraints and objectives that would be required -you may use assumptions for the exact values of these properties if you cannot find data-????3- Consider these attributes, constraints and objectives in undertaking a basic material selection using level 2 of the EduPack software to initially identify what materials could be used for the component, and then to ultimately identify what you consider to be the best choice- Note - to do this you may need to identify two or three good material choices with the software and then contrast their advantages and disadvantages specific to this application- Part 2:1- Based on the material you ultimately selected in Part 1 for your component, use level 2 of the EduPack software to identify all of the manufacturing processes that could be used to make that component- 2- Choose two of the manufacturing processes that could be used for your component and explain why you believe them to be most suitable -clearly state any assumptions you have made to reach your conclusion-- Clearly identify what attributes you have used in your selection process and why- 3- Find a resource/s online that details/outlines the key equipment and steps involved in each of the two processes- Use this to construct a process map or flow chart for each manufacturing process that shows the steps required to manufacture the component -highlighting ALL required equipment and direct labour that would be involved- Part 3: 1- Use Microsoft excel and the cost equation below to construct a plot of the cost per component versus the number of components for both of the manufacturing processes for a range of production volumes from 5 to 150,000- Note - you can use literature or common-sense guesses/estimates for the values in the equation, however, ensure that you clearly identify the source of each value used in your report, and include a justification for each value- 2- Identify which of your processes is the most cost effective for the range of production volumes examined -note that the same process may not be the lowest cost for all volumes-- Give the most important reason why that process is the most cost effective -i-e- which value or term in the cost equation has the most significant impact????-- 3- Calculate the impact of doubling the production rate -n- for a production volume of 15,000 components- Suggest and briefly explain one practical method to significantly increase the production rate of your process without the need to buy additional capital equipment- Cost equation - Cs = mCm/-1-f- + Ct/n-1+n/nt- + 1/-n-C/Ltwo + C-oh- Attachment:- Manufacturing-rar

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