Identify what constitutes vulnerability in a population

Assignment Detail:- Assessment Part: Academic Critical Review Essay Purpose: As a registered nurse, a key part of your role will be to identify and assess the need for health promotion and illness prevention interventions in both individuals and communities- Some of your roles could include the provision and/or sourcing of health education, supporting people to improve their lifestyle factors, supporting people in managing their chronic conditions, and identifying and acting upon environmental factors contributing to illness in the community- This essay is designed to help you develop the necessary skills to: 1- Identify what constitutes vulnerability in a population group, 2- Research and critically analyse the key concepts essential for successful health promotional and educational programs as it relates to the role of a nurse, essential to providing appropriate patient centred care- 3- Write and present material that is logical, concise, with good expression of English grammar, spelling and referencing- Essay Topic: Vulnerable populations and people are often are at the margins of society and face inequity with many social determinants of health- Critically analyse and discuss the role of a nurse in working to advocate and empower vulnerable people to access health education and health promotional activities- Instructions:This assessment task should be written in essay format with no subheadings- Please use the marking guide to help you focus on what is required of the assessment task- The following steps should act as a guide for formatting and setting out of the essay- Question 1- Pick one group of vulnerable people from your chosen community and introduce and describe this group of people and why they are vulnerable to poor health- -approximately 150 words- Question 2- Critically review the determinants of health in relation to this population group- -approximately 350 words- Question 3- Discuss how as a nurse you can work with these people, with varying health literacy levels, by empowering the consumer through community advocacy, change and primary health care- -approximately 500 words- Question 4- Select and review one existing health promotional program targeting a particular health issue that impacts your vulnerable group- Critique the strengths and weaknesses of the program in relation to your identified vulnerable group- Use evidence-based journal articles to support your arguments and explanations when examining the service- -approximately 400 words- Question 5- Provide a conclusion about why the nurse's role in primary healthcare and health promotion for this vulnerable population group is important- -approximately 100 words- References: 10 minimum, APA 7th style

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