Identify two strategies for embedding change within an

Assignment Detail:- BSBLDR601 Lead and manage organisational change Elements To achieve competency in this unit students must demonstrate their ability to:1- Develop change management strategy2- Implement change management strategy3- Evaluate change management strategy Assessment 1-Short Answer Questions Question 1:In the table below, identify one event and one trend that may impact on the achievement of the organisational objective-• Name an event for the objective• Name a trend for the objective• Explain how each event and trend affects the achievement of the objectiveObjective 1:Resolve all customer complaints submitted via all channels within 48 hours of filing Question 2When analysing and interpreting information about an organisation's internal and external environments, there are two tools that can be used as cost-benefit methods-Complete each table below by:• Defining what each letter signifies• Providing a brief explanation of each signified letter Question 3Answer the following questions regarding risks to organisational change-Briefly explain each of the following requirements to assess riskRequirements to assess RiskExplanationLikelihood Consequence Risk Rating Priority Rating Complete the table below:• Identify two common barriers to change• Identify at least one mitigation strategy for each barrier• Explain how each mitigation strategy addressed barrier to change Question 4Read the following scenario about a Flower Delivery businessRose acquired a Flower Delivery business almost a year ago- When Rose started, she had established a vision for the existing business on expanding it by exceeding customer expectations- It was successful and her business doubled in a short time- Customers were returning to "Blooms" repeatedly and recommending friends and family- In the last three months, she has noticed a decline in orders and regular customers not calling- She did implement a growth strategy for her staff at this time which involved them contacting every customer, 24 hours after for their feedback-Some of her staff were positive about this but one was very resistant- Rose informed them all they would just have to do it as it was a requirement of the job and as a team- Rose did hear a comment about this staff member being abrupt with a customer- She is now wondering if this could be impacting her decline in business Rose needs to take action to make a change and turn her business around- Rose wants to improve communication and educate her staff about how this benefits them and the customers-• Answer the following questions based on the Communication Plan• Complete the Communication Plan, briefly answering the components in relation to the scenario-a- Identify at least two possible experts Rose can consult to improve her staff training Communication Plan Componentsa- Communication strategyb- Target Audiencec- Personnel Responsibled- Key Messagee- Communication method to be usedf- Frequency Question 5Complete the table below by explaining each requirement of an education plan-Training Need Analysis ComponentsExplanationa- Training Strategy b- Target Audience c- Facilitator d- Expected Timeframe e- Expected Outcome Question 6Complete the table below by providing by doing the following:• Identify the eight steps of Kotter's 8-Step Change Process• Briefly explain how each step can be implemented in a workplace Kotter's 8-Step Change Management Process Explanation of How Each Step if Implemented in a Workplace Question 7The DREC curve is change cycle that described the four stages individuals go through as they adjust to an organisational change-Complete the table below- To do this you must:• Identify the four stages of the DREC curve• Using your own words, briefly explain what a change leader must do during each stage of the DREC curve Question 8Identify two strategies for embedding change within an organisation- Provide an explanation for each of the identified strategies- Question 9Read the following scenarios and answer the questions that follow Scenario 1Bounce Fitness is attempting to set up feedback sessions to get the insight of employees regarding the organisational change they will be undertaking- This is the first time the employees are being given an opportunity for feedback, since Bounce Fitness usually employs one-way communication between management and employees-Complete the table by doing the following:i- Identify the change strategy being implementedii- Identify one organisational behaviour that would affect the application of the following change strategyiii- Briefly explain how the identified organisational behaviour impacts the application of the change strategy Scenario 2Bounce Fitness is adapting a new application for its Point of Sales system- It's a new application developed to ensure smoother transaction using a cloud system- However, the new application has also enticed numerous fitness centres- Due to the high demand, the current developers are having a hard time sustaining server for the application-Complete the table by doing the following:i- Identify the change strategy being implementedii- Identify one external environment factor that would affect the implementation of the identified change strategyiii- Briefly explain how the external environment factor impacts the application of the change strategy Question 10In your own words, describe each of the following components of a change management project plan- Change Management Project Plan Componentsa- Scopeb- Roles and Responsibilitiesc- Communication Strategy  

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