Identify two factors a project manager should consider when

Assignment Detail:- BSBPMG522 Undertake project work Assessment Process You will demonstrate skills and knowledge required to undertake a straightforward project or a section of a larger project- It covers developing a project plan, administering and monitoring the project, finalising the project and reviewing the project to identify lessons learned for application to future projects-The key outcome are:Define a projectDevelop a project planAdminister and monitor a projectFinalise a projectReview a project Assessment Parts Questions List two organisational documents or resources that can help define project parameters- Choose one document or resource from those listed in Question 1 and explain how it helps define project parameters- Outline two questions or considerations for a person managing part of a project when identifying the extent of their responsibility-Provide two examples that illustrate why it's important for a project manager executing a project to consider organisational objectives and the relationship of the project to other projects-Identify two factors a project manager should consider when allocating human resources to a project-Provide two examples of project management tools, explaining how each can contribute to project management-You are managing a project to train staff members in a specialist, high-risk work role- Training must be delivered within a given time frame, in your workplace by a technically qualified and experienced trainer-Using the five-step risk management process, identify two risks to the project and suggest how these risks could be controlled-Where WHS risks exist in a project, provide two suggestions for how such risks can be identified and/or managed-Explain the difference between direct and indirect costs, giving an example of each- Part 3 - Project: Undertaking project work at BizOps Enterprises You will demonstrate your skills and knowledge by completing a scenario-based project- Assessment: You receive an email from Gina Harris, Human Resources Manager-Subject: Professional development projectHello,I understand that Phase 2 of the retail staff leadership/customer service/first aid/professional development project is complete- This is the pilot program that included staff from three stores across Victoria and Tasmania- I wish to congratulate you on implementing this program as the Project Manager-Senior management would like to see a review report of the pilot -Phase 2- as soon as possible- It is important that the VIC/TAS project team acts quickly on this- The report will be used to secure funding for the next phase of the project; that is, rolling out the program to the remaining VIC/TAS regional stores- The company is also keen to see a review of project outcomes with a view to extending the program to other states-I have reviewed the responses collected from stakeholders and compiled a list of those that seem to capture the common threads- This list is included below-There are some interesting insights that will help shape the project as we progress with it- We may need to undertake more detailed discussion with staff with a view to reviewing the units nominated for delivery- Some of these units may be missing the target and therefore not be the best use of company resources- I have provided a document that highlights two that perhaps need to be reconsidered-Please prepare and forward to me a draft review report discussing project outcomes against the project scope- See the "Resources required" section for how to access the project scope and other relevant documents-I have provided details of what should be included in the review report in the "Instructions" section that follows- Stakeholder pre-training survey responses‘I'd like to develop my leadership skills so that I can step up into a supervisor's role and feel like I have a future with the company-' -Gina: Maybe we're missing the opportunity to implement succession planning and we're not offering a career path opportunity????-‘My supervisor wants me to do some learning on providing product advice- But I already do this well as I've received a state customer service excellence award for junior retail staff-'-Gina: Have the right people been targeted with the most appropriate units of competency????-‘All staff should have first aid, not just permanents-'-Gina: Agreed, as this demonstrates that the company is proactively meeting its duty of care and community responsibilities- How much more does it cost to train casuals who need first aid training????- Stakeholder post-training survey responses-Gina: The selected comments are common threads I picked up on from looking at the trainee reviews- Do you think it'd be a good idea to initiate a follow- up/project team discussion of these????-Delivery/content/units‘The operate retail technology unit was a waste of time- Everyone in the group knew how to use POS equipment-'‘What we were asked to do for the Lead and Manage People unit was way above what some of the group were capable of- And the assessment was way too difficult-' Instructions: You will be undertaking your project as part of a small team, up to 4 participants- You will hold a series of meetings throughout the development phase of the project- Your performance during meetings will be observed by your assessor- See Part 4 "Observation" for instructions-You are reviewing the pilot training program -Phase 2-, and using the information to plan the next phase-To complete the project, you will be preparing a "project review report" that captures the project scope, planning for the project its implementation, and the finalisation and review of the project- See the "Resources required" section for a list of materials to be used for the project and how to access these documents-Complete all project tasks to develop the report in the "Project task instructions" section below-Your project review report must be your own work and not an exact copy of another team member, but an interpretation of shared ideas, and discussions- Project task instructions: Section 1: Define the project by identifying the following: The scope of the project and how it contributes to meeting the organisational mission, vision, business goals and objectivesKey stakeholders, the lines of authority -identify reporting relationships and who will provide final sign-off- and the extent of your own responsibility/authorityCompany policies, procedures and protocols, as well as legislation, regulations and codes of practice -including WHS- that apply to the workplace or that may affect the project and your project roleHow corporate policies and procedures, legislation and regulations will be met in fulfilling the project deliverables, including notations on corporate requirements for budgets and finance, record-keeping, reporting and quality assuranceThe resources that will be required, explaining how these will be accessed Section 2: Describe the planning and implementation of the project by completing the following: Explain how you will manage and monitor your part of the project, and describe the record- keeping and reporting system you will use; develop a spreadsheet or similar mechanism for tracking project activities and the achievement of deliverables-Identify risks and explain how these will be managed- Use the Risk management policy and procedures to respond-Identify budget items; explain how you will manage resources and finances and provide a strategy for acquitting and reporting on finances at the conclusion of the project- Refer to the relevant policy-Explain how team members are engaged to support them and to provide information about time lines, work breakdown and deliverables so that they understand what is required to meet their obligations-Explain how you will ensure a smooth transition to a previous job function or to a new role for seconded staff and contracted staff once the project is completed and closed off- Section 3: Review and report on the project by preparing the following: An agenda for a team meeting to review the project and project outcomes with suggested discussion itemsSection 4: Lessons LearnedA report that summarises the review of the project outcomes against the project scope and documents lessons learned from the project Part 4 - Observation Purpose - You will be demonstrating the required skills and knowledge by completing a scenario-based project- Observation instructions - To demonstrate your performance, you will be participating in a series of brief project meetings to share ideas and discuss each section of the Part 3 project-Meeting topics:project scopeplanning for the project and its implementationfinalisation and review of the projectYou will be required to perform the following:Send and receive electronic mail on the meeting schedule and meeting outcomes between team members-Discuss and decide project roles and expectations of each memberDevelop project strategies by contributing ideas and discussionsDiscuss project budget and other financial informationYour assessor will notify you when the observation assessment will take place and provide you with clear instructions- You will be assessed according to the observation checklist below-

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