Identify the common stages of the SDLC. In your answer,

Assignment Detail:- ICTPMG613 Manage ICT project planning Assessment 1-Knowlege Questions Provide answers to all of the questions below: Question 1- Identify three cost estimation techniques/methods and explain how they are used- Question 2- Describe the purpose of Gantt charts- Question 3- Explain the work breakdown structure- In your answer, include reference to how work packages can help project scheduling- Question 4- Identify three project methodologies used in ICT projects- Briefly describe each one and its benefits and disadvantages- Question 5- Provide a definition of the software development lifecycle -SDLC-- Question 6- Identify the common stages of the SDLC- In your answer, explain what happens when the final stage is achieved- Question 7- Explain how a business's needs can affect project management activities- In your answer, consider the implications for project control and expected returns on business investment-  

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