Identify the climate, geographic and planning zones that

Assignment Detail:- CPCCBS6003 Apply legal and ethical requirements to building surveying functions Assessment 3 - Research Project 2 - Commercial buildingThis assessment task relates to the processing and inspection of a commercial type Class 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 building project- You may select a relevant project from your local area- Consider the requirements that relate to this type of building and advise the following: 1- Provide a copy of a site plan or aerial photograph and include a brief description of the building project- 2- Identify the climate, geographic and planning zones that apply to the site- Describe how these zones may impact on the conduct and information requirements of your inspection- 3- Identify any codes, regulations and legislation applicable to the building project- Note the applicable sections of each and provide written evidence of how you will apply the principles of the Code of Conduct in your assessment and processing of the project- 4- Research and document the administrative procedures that you must follow to ensure completion of the project- Your response should include:a- Timelinesb- Required documentationc- Compliance requirements - how they are determined and assessedd- Exemption requests - which exemptions may be available under the relevant legislation/regulations and the procedures for dealing with theme- Administrative requirements - How problems in meeting administrative requirements are managed, including referral for external advice-f- What record keeping processes must you undertake to ensure compliance and good management???? 5- Identify State, Territory and Local Planning Authority constraints that apply to the project- 6- Describe three different examples of how you have -or would- handle complaints or disputes from different clients, using relevant dispute-handling procedures and according to the organisational or industry Code of Conduct- 7- Describe what communications will take place during the building surveying component of the project, between you and your client/applicant and other stakeholders, for each of the following components:a- The need for proper and complete documentationb- Compliance with legislation, regulations and the NCCc- Availability and scope of dispute resolution processes- 8- Describe how you will arrange and conduct site inspections in order to assess the extent of non- compliance and risk to public health and safety- Define who should conduct the inspections-

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