Identify the challenge within the context, current

Assignment Detail:- DHI401 Digital Health and Informatics - Laureate International Universities Digital Presentation Learning Outcome 1: Critically analyse the role of public and private partnerships in digital health and informaticsLearning Outcome 2: Demonstrate inter- and intra-professional collaboration and communication to reflect on Australian digital health practices Part SummaryYour group will be presented with challenge scenarios -a scenario-based problem-- You will all need to undertake an analysis considering inter- and intra-personal relationships, public-private partnership context and potential applications of digital health- As a group, select ONE of the given scenarios -located in the folder for this assessment task in Blackboard-, identify the problem, and evaluate strategies, tools and techniques to solve the problem- Identify gaps in existing strategies and recommend solutions in a 15-minute digitally recorded presentation where all the members will participate in the recording- Context SummaryThe scenarios presented are based on current developments in the Australian context- Limited background information is provided- Your group can make "reasonable" assumptions based on current evidence- However, you must also build on the given context of the scenarios -see next page-, so that efficient solutions can be recommended- This assessment evaluates your understanding of inter- and intra-personal relationships and public- private partnerships as they relate to digital health- It provides you with the ability to work in a collegial environment and learn from each other as a cohesive group- It aims to develop your understanding on how to transfer relevant knowledge and skills in Australian digital health environments- Part Instructions: 1- Review only ONE challenge scenario in your group-2- Identify the challenge within the context, current strategies and gaps-3- Assume roles according to the specific scenario-4- Identify risks associated with the scenario-5- Provide informed summary and actionable steps to resolve the challenges via a group audio digital presentation -see below-- Structure of the Slide Deck • Introductory slide - Chairperson will introduce the group members-• Subsequent slides - Each representative will prepare 1 to 2 slides -maximum- based on their perspective-• Concluding slide - Chairperson will offer a summary and actionable steps with the representative leading that action-• Reference list - A set of relevant resources must be included on the last slide -not to be presented- that informed your discussions- These resources must follow the correct APA 7th edition referencing style-Please refer to the rubric at the end of this document for the assessment criteria- Recording Instructions• You can record your group presentation using the web conferencing app of your preference, for example, Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, etc-o Please note that ad-hoc university tech support for web conferencing apps is not available- ReferencingIt is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research or images used- Attachment:- ChallengeScenarios-rar

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