Identify stakeholders and their role in the policy process

Assignment Detail:- 7118IBA Information Policy and Governance Reflective Learning Journal Description and Requirements The reflective learning journal is a technique to assist you to analyse your learning- Think about how and what you have learned in this course on information policy and governance- This is not academic writing but a more personal account of your own learning style- Use the first person singular, i-e- "I" when writing- Discuss your ideas and opinions- There are no "right" or "wrong" answers- The journal is assessed according to how you show that you have thought about what you have learned- Please note that we are not looking for a description of topics covered in class but rather how you understood and built your knowledge over the semester- If diagrams help to explain the thought processes, please include these- Refer to the course Learning Objectives: 1- Think strategically/systematically2- Understand what information policies are3- Identify stakeholders and their role in the policy process4- Look at what kind of information policy practices exist in organisations5- Assess complex information policyBased on these Learning Objectives, reflect on your learning- Use these questions as a guide to write your reflection:• What is the best way for you to learn????• If you have obstacles to learning, how do you overcome them????• What techniques do you use to learn, and have they changed over the semester????• Ideas for planning for improvement in learning in future????• Give examples from topics in the course throughout the journal- Attachment:- Reflective Learning Essay-rar

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