Identify, plan and cost a range of different menus. Your

Assignment Detail:- SITHKOP002 Plan and cost basic menus This assessment focuses on your ability to identify, plan and cost a range of different menus- Your task is to develop 8 different menus-First you must research and develop a full customer outline for each menu, and explain• who your customer group is -age range, gender, income level, social /cultural backgrounds / buying power-• what their food preferences are -eating habits, cultural / ethical influences, popular menu items- Next you are to research and prepare each of the following menus- For each one you are to include• Menu with descriptions of each dish• Production schedule• Dish costings -using current supply and production costs-• Portion control and yield testing procedures for each menu• Sale price for each dish -showing how desired profit margins are achieved- Menu 1***: a la carte dinner menu with classical sequencing of items- Must include a minimum of 6 starters, 10 main courses, 6 desserts and a range of extras and drinks- You may be creative on the menu, however you must taller it to a customer group of your choice and outline the customer group details -as outlined above- in your submission Menu 2: Buffet breakfast menu for new 3 star hotel- Menu 3: Cyclical menu for 1 week for a local aged care facility- Menu 4***: A sweet or savoury degustation menu that includes at least 10 different courses- Be creative- Menu 5***: An Ethic menu with at range of bold flavours and lots of variety- Menu must comprise of at least 5 entree options, 8 main options, 4 side options and 3 dessert options- Menu 6: Set menu for a wedding- Menu 7***: table d'hate dinner menu with contemporary sequencing of items- Must include 4 starters, 5 main courses and 3 desserts- Menu 8: Seasonal menu for a hosted dinner party that takes into consideration the current seasons produce and available ingredients- • *** Consider your local market- Who are your customers???? What are their preferences???? It is important that you consider your clients as you will need to explain why you chose your dishes, including outline the demographics of your clients• For all other dishes, identify and follow instructions from your client -your assessor- to determine specific requirements of menu- Talk with your client's base -or your assessor for menu's 2, 3, 6, 8- to gather enough information to help you develop a quality menu-• Take into account menu balance, variety and feedback given on dishes• Complete production schedule for menus, and calculate production costs for dishes -including cost of labour, materials and overheads-• Discuss your choices with others, consider their opinions but make your own decision on what to include• Include item descriptions and ensure proper use of terminology for style of menu• Estimate of labour costs and labour cost control methods to be implemented• Define the portion sizes - taking into account costs and potential wastage Your menu's are not required to be professionally published, but may be submitted as part of your report that includes the evidence outlined below - Assessment activities must be realistic and reasonable in terms of scale- Assessment conducted under simulated conditions should reflect those typically found in the workplace- Where appropriate to the UOC, simulated environment should allow the learner to:- deal with typical customers, including difficult customers and diverse types of customers- use facilities, equipment and materials that meet current industry standards- plan and prioritise multiple tasks to meet deadlines- experience the typical workflow for the industry- require adherence to service standards, workplace procedures, health and safety requirements- work with others as part of a team- consider constraints and pressures met in the workplace, e-g- budget, time, availability of resources Attachment:- Plan and cost basic menus-rar

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