Identify key groups you have selected to focus on within

Assignment Detail:- Assessment: Diversity and Inclusion Group Report Working in groups of 2-3, you are required to formulate a diversity and inclusion plan for a non- government organisation- You must include the following in outlining your framework/strategy: • Introduction• A background that develops a business case as to why the organisation should invest in diversity and inclusion-• Identify key groups you have selected to focus on within the Australian context and how this group is currently represented or not represented in your chosen organization-• Identify relevant barriers to employment and inclusion for your chosen group -s-• Provide an overview of strategies to overcome the barriers-• Identify key objectives, responsibilities, timelines and resources required to implement the plan-• Complete the group process report to be submitted alongside the report- This accompanying document requires for you to evaluate your group processes and member contribution- A template will be provided during tutorials- Where applicable, you are required to cite and reference all sources that you have used in your research- You must use APA 7 referencing- The format of your report will be discussed in greater detail during tutorials- Word Count: 1800 - 2000 words

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