Identify how the proposed packaging design protects the

Assignment Detail:- Marketing Portfolio Activity - Product Branding, Packaging & Place Design Alternative Company Choices - Tuckers Natural The firm has approved the proposed ‘NEW' product, target market, positioning statement and S-M-A-R-T- Goal, and they have decided to move forward with decisions relating to the product and distribution area of the marketing mix- State the approved Activity 1 details / or alternative company choices details below ‘NEW' ProductTarget Market Positioning SMART Goal Branding & Logo Design Create a Brand Name for the‘NEW' product--Remember to consider colours, slogans, and branding theory to help in the creation of a suitable positioned brand name-Create aLogo Design/ Brand Markfor the ‘NEW' product--Create -draw- the brand name & brand mark / logo design that can help position the product for the target market & help you to achieve the SMART Goal- Remember to consider the positioning and consumer markets ability to recall the brand- especially within the chosen target market-Justify for the chosen brand name and Logo choice--Consider Colours / Shapes / Meanings of Words & theory - such as the ‘Benefits of Branding'- The firm has also asked you to design the packaging of the‘NEW' product as part of the New Product Development Process- Remember to include the brand / logo design on the product packaging design, along with colours, materials / textures, features of the design choices with the design image- Product Packaging Design What will the packaged product / prototype look like????-Draw / create a visual version of the proposed product in its packaging, from at leasttwo differentperspectives-- What Packaging Functions will be important for the product????-Theory - Identify how the proposed packaging design protects the product, protects the handlers/ users, protects the environment, and differentiates itself from competitors through promotion- Now that you have completed the product branding and packaging prototype, the firm has asked you to evaluate their current distribution strategy for their existing products, to determine how it can be more efficient and relevant for the‘NEW' product itemwithin the current marketing environment- Distribution Considerations Where can existing products from the firm be currently purchased????-In your response, consider the distribution intensity and marketing intermediaries used- Isthe current way of distribution appropriate / inappropriate for the firm's existing product range????-Justify using relevant marketing theory and secondary research-**Research MUST bein APA intextcitation / referenced format- How should the ‘NEW' product from the firm be distributed????-In your response, consider the 3 levels of distribution intensity and marketing intermediaries used- -Please complete in APA Style Format a list of all sources that you have used to complete this assessment - Each reference must correspond to an intext citation above- References Attachment:- Marketing Portfolio Activity-rar

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